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Maintenance Repair Bandage

Fast Curing Repair Bandage

Quick Wrap in action.
Features at a glance:
  • Quick Wrap allows on the spot repairs to metal, plastic, concrete or asbestos pipes, tubes, rods, stanchions etc.
  • Advanced water activated polyurethane resin. Quick Wrap sets in under 10 minutes and is water / fluid compatible.
  • Knitted aramid fibre composition. Quick Wrap stretches around joints, fittings and elbows.
  • No mixing or measuring. Quick Wrap is ready for use after soaking in room temperature water for just 10 seconds.
  • Quick Wrap is safe and easy to use and is food safe when cured
Quick Wrap nicely done.

Product Sizes

50mm x 1.5m Suitable for pipes up to 45mm external diameter.

50mm x 3.6m Suitable for pipes up to 75mm external diameter.

75mm x 3.6m Suitable for pipes up to 75mm external diameter.

100mm x 3.6m Suitable for pipes up to 100mm external diameter.

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