For more than 45 years, ORAPI offers solutions to ensure a safe and clean environment, promote safe food hygiene, prevent the spread of infection, optimize water and energy utilization, and provide solutions to improve the reliability and durability of production equipment while optimizing manufacturing processes.

We work in close partnership with our customers, through expert advices and intensive training to achieve operation efficiency and achieving sustainability results.

hotel resort cleaning products

The appearance and cleanliness of your establishment reflects the quality of the welcome and the general hygiene of the premises. ORAPI helps the Hospitality sector to maintain a good hygiene through effective cleaning and sanitation of surfaces, floors and washroom. Our Housekeeping range combines ease of use, safety for employees, protection of support and long lasting effectiveness.

For more than 40 years, airlines companies trust ORAPI to ensure cleanliness and reliability of their fleet. Our comprehensive portfolio provides solutions for the cleaning, disinfection of all exterior and interior aircraft surfaces, maintenance of components, lavatory odor treatment and engines as well as ground handling equipment. Our range are widely used on commercial aircraft, private jets and aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul operations. Our  high quality and manufacturing standards are continually endorsed by major O.E.M. corporations (Goodrich, Boeing, Allied Signal, Honeywell, G.E., Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, etc), and tested according aeronautic standards – ASNA, AIMS, AMS and BOEING D6.

A good hygiene is vital to the health of your business. ORAPI offers effective hygiene program to achieve a consistently clean, healthy and safe foods environment. This includes innovative cleaning and sanitizing programs for slaughter houses, poultry, dairy, beverage and brewery and other food processing industry. In addition, we offer effective technical know-how to optimize plant productivity with our specially designed maintenance product range.

ORAPI ensures a clean and safe working environment and promote guest satisfaction through performant solutions for cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing. Our high quality range includes manual and automatic ware washing agents, hand hygiene, surfaces cleaning / disinfection and kitchen equipment care for all restaurants, cafes and fast-food chains. To assure a peace of mind for our clientswe provide solutions and systems that comply with international HACCP and Halal challenging requirements.

rails cleaning products

For over 40 years, ORAPI has been the trusted name in the rail industry providing mechanical and electrical engineers effective solutions the maintenance of trains, high speed trains, metro and tramways. Our extended product line includes exterior washing agent, cleaner and disinfectant for interior/exterior as well as various maintenance products which include solvent, grease, lubricant and adhesive.

ORAPI supports the metal working and canning industry through a dedicated range of performant lubricants for various materials and thickness. Magnus® is a food contact certified product range (NSF, InS) which conforms to full compliance with HACCP standards as well as Halal requirement according to Islamic Sharia. ORAPI offers an extensive product line which ensures optimal productivity and maximizing tool life for the lowest overhaul maintenance cost. The line includes corrosion protecting agents, specialized grease and lubricant, adhesives and sealants as well as maintenance workshop cleaners and solvents.

A fresh meal and a clean tray are a high stake in the quest for traveler satisfaction. ORAPI offers reliable cost effective and sanitation programs for ware washing operations, kitchen cleaning and disinfection, personal hygiene as well as drain maintenance programs without compromising food safety standards. Our programs have been specially designed for the inflight Catering industry and fully comply with international HACCP requirement and Halal Principles in accordance to the Sharia Laws.

Transport Road products

Dirt, grease, concrete and road traffic films can be extremely challenging to remove from trucks, buses, mining vehicles, as well as keeping a clean interior in public transport. ORAPI ensures clean vehicle and promotes guest and employee satisfaction through innovative solutions for interior, exterior, engine and components care.  A clean vehicle is the best testimonial to enhance your company image.

Marine conditions are extremely harsh on structures, cranes and equipment. ORAPI has developed an extensive product line which help reducing lubrication intervalsextends life of metallic structures and equipment and reduces overhaul maintenance cost. The line includes corrosion protecting agents, specialized greases, lubricants, adhesives, sealants as well as safe & environmental friendly cleaners and solvents for workshops.

ORAPI provides patients with a clean and safe environment through hygiene solutions that meet the highest standards of disinfection (Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal). We provide strict cleaning solutions to disinfect operating theatre, inpatients, outpatients wards, hall, bedrooms, corridor, washroom, bedsheets and towels, as well as equipment used for operation and in operating theatre.

For almost 50 years, ORAPI has been working with the defense industry providing mechanicals and maintenance engineers, technologically Advanced Solutions, to improve the reliability and durability of military whilst significantly reducing their overhaul costs. ORAPI has develop an extensive range of product line to help to maintaining, repairing, rebuilding, renovating and restoring damaged and worn parts and thus return vehicles and equipment back to full operation in the shortest possible time. The line includes corrosion protecting agents, specialized grease and lubricant, adhesives and sealants as well as traffic film removers and maintenance workshop cleaners and solvents. The range meets international military standards US MIL and NATO.

Marine & Shipbuilding products

Cleaning and maintenance operations within the marine sectors are particularly demanding, often involving heavy residues as well as the need to protect against corrosion. ORAPI has developed an extensive product line which help reducing lubrication intervals, extends life of metallic structures and equipment and reduces overhaul maintenance cost.  The line includes corrosion protecting agents, specialized greases and lubricants, adhesives and sealants as well as safe and environmental friendly cleaners and solvents for workshops.

Commercial Laundry products

ORAPI work everyday with On-Premise (OPL) and Commercial laundries to achieve the highest quality wash results at the optimal operating cost. We offer effective cleaning program to enhance the entire wash process through premium quality products, reliable dispensing equipment and state of the art Management Information System. ORAPI offers low temperatures solutions that provide substantial utilities savings as well as water conservation for optimal production efficiency.

Since 1968 ORAPI works in partnership with nuclear, gas, thermal, and hydraulic power plant facilities to understand their processes from inside and develop tailor made maintenance programs that meets the expectations of mechanical and electrical engineers in terms of process efficiency, possible low operating cost, durability of equipment and growing environmental constraints. Our unique PMUC range includes, penetrating agents, solvents and cleaners, adhesives, greases, lubricants as well as safety agents that meets the stringent requirement of less than 200ppm of halogens (chlorine, sulfur, fluorine) content.   

Mines, Quarries & Construction products

In this sector, components such as bearings, pins and gears in stone crusher, excavator machine, cement mixer or trucks are constantly subject to friction and wear. ORAPI provides a wide range of maintenance solutions to avoid components failure and protect them against abrasive contamination, extreme temperatures and high loads. The safe and environmental friendly product line includes corrosion protecting agents, specialized greases and lubricants, adhesives and sealants as well as workshop cleaners and solvents.

Education cleaning products

With daily human and children interaction activities, the risks of cross contamination and spreading of germs are unavoidable. ORAPI offers solutions to clean and prevent all types of bacteria everywhere, in classroom, washroom, rest room, offices etc. Strict hygiene is essential to create a safe and dynamic learning environment.

Utilities products

ORAPI provides reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions to companies operating in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, gas or water. We offer a complete line of products for disassembling, cleaning, repairing, lubricating, greasing and protecting from corrosion for all components and equipment.

Chemical & Petro-Chemical products

ORAPI delivers solutions to safely and efficiently manage the extreme conditions in Chemical & Petro-Chemical industries. ORAPI works closely with mechanical and maintenance engineers to tailor cleaning and maintenance programs to meet their expectations in terms of process efficiency, running cost, and environmental constraints.  The ORAPI product line is specially designed to perform in the toughest environments and conditions which includes corrosion protecting agents, specialized greases and lubricants, adhesives and sealants as well as workshop cleaners and solvents.

General Manufacturing products

The priority in the manufacturing sector is to maintain productivity levels as well as the quality of the production output. ORAPI helps to maintain, repair, rebuild, renovate and restore damaged and worn parts to quickly return equipment to full operations. We have proven technical know-how in a wide range of industries and specific applications.