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10 Essential Washroom & Toilet Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need

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Every individual deserves access to a clean and well sanitised toilet. However, the amount of work required to maintain a high standard of clean toilets usually looks more than it seems, especially in commercial spaces like office buildings, restaurants, cafes, schools and etc. It requires multiple toilet cleaning products to reach that high standard of those 5 stars hotel toilets. You may have wondered how they manage to achieve such a smirk-free, polished look while delivering a pleasant user experience. Not to worry, we’ve been in the toilet cleaning business for more than 50 years and have provided those same toilet cleaning supplies to some of our clients that we previously mentioned. It’s professional toilet cleaning supplies that not many people know about that 5 stars hotels and top-rated restaurants use. Hence, we listed the top 10 essential toilet cleaning supplies for either your washroom or your bathroom to get that smirk-free and polished look.

#1 Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner

Having a reliable multi-purpose cleaner is so essential to your washroom cleaning supplies because, as the name implies, it can effectively clean almost any surface with ease. Especially those dust-covered and stained corners, furniture frames, light fixtures, etc. People don’t realize, however, that some general cleaners can have higher pH ratings in order to be effective in cleaning multiple types of surfaces, which may damage the painted surface, or protective layer, such as the epoxy surface of a piece of furniture, which will ruin it in the long run. Another factor to consider when choosing the right multi-purpose cleaner is whether the cleaner will also get rid of a foul smell such as the putrid smell of pee, fetid smell of feces and etc. 


Multi-Purpose Cleaner

MIGHTY is a concentrated all-purpose neutral detergent suitable for general cleaning, with specific applications in hand washing. MIGHTY leaves a fresh lemon scent on surfaces.

#2 Anti-slip Floor Cleaner

Accidents are not something you want to happen, especially if you can prevent them. With an anti-slip floor cleaner, you are able to keep the washroom risk-free from falling down. Also with an anti-slip floor cleaner, you can wash the floor whenever you need to without worrying about putting on caution wet signage or preventing visitors from getting to the washroom until it’s dry. This will make you more efficient.

cleaning washroom wet floor sign board


Anti-Slip Floor Cleaner

RAIDER D is a powerful all-purpose detergent cleaner formulated for the removal of grease and oily contamination from all washable surfaces. RAIDER D is recommended for cleaning in the workshop, factory amenity areas and kitchens

#3 Hand Sanitiser Soap

There are a number of infectious diseases that can be spread from one person to another by contaminated hands. These diseases include gastrointestinal infections, such as Salmonellosis, E-coli, and Shigellosis. Washing your hands properly with soap and water can help kill those germs. Moreover, hand soap should also be pH neutral to prevent disturbing the skin’s pH level.


SANISOFT is a smooth antibacterial hand-washing lotion, specially designed for frequent-use applications where strict personal hygiene is required. SANISOFT has the ability to remove fatty and proteinaceous soils whilst leaving hands clean and feeling soft throughout the day

#4 Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Most attempts to clean mirrors to perfection end up falling short as streaks often appear after the cleaner has dried up (when you use a cleaner that wasn’t suited for cleaning glass and mirrors such as a general-purpose cleaner). To get that sparkling shiny and streak-free look, a glass and mirror cleaner is required. It will also help you to cut down the amount of wiping you need to do in order to make it clean. These cleaners are specially formulated to get the desired result in one wipe. To get the optimum result, use a microfiber cloth for wiping the residue as it absorbs much better than your normal cloth.


VISION is a sophisticated blend of solvents and detergents specifically formulated for cleaning glass and other hard surfaces where a streak free finish is essential. VISION penetrates and removes a wide variety of soils including atmospheric grime, dead insect debris, smudges, fingerprints, nicotine and smoke haze, oily and greasy marks, keeps surfaces sparkling clean.

#5 Faucet and Sink Cleaner and Polish

washroom polished look

Polishing faucets and sinks are what elevates the cleanliness of your washroom. It’s not that difficult to do it too. You just need the right cleaning chemicals to do it. By having a faucet and sink cleaner as one of your essential toilet cleaning supplies, also invokes more of a wow factor when you want to create a strong first impression on guests and visitors. A sparkling faucet and sink go a long way. For polishing faucets and sink we use a cream cleaner that renovates, deodorizes and polishes surfaces. This creates a polished look and it will also leave a protective coating to ensure a longer shine period. The cream cleaner can also be used on other parts of the washroom to get you the polished look.


TOP SECRET is a smooth and neutral renovating cream, formulated for the removal of difficult grease, rust, soap scum, scale and stains from surfaces. TOP SECRET is ideal for cleaning bench tops, baths, basins, taps, cookers, sinks and utensils without scratching. It is particularly suited to controlling the build-up of body fats and soap in baths.

#6 Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

There is a lot of stainless steel component exist in the washroom. Naturally, stainless steel is resilient against corrosion and also provides some level of stain resistance. This is because stainless steel contains chromium which reacts to oxygen in the air and forms a “passive” protective film over the steel. This prevents problems like rust and reduces stains and discolouration. However, this protective film may deteriorate when cleaned with a cleaner that isn’t intended for cleaning stainless steel. In order to maintain its reflective appearance, stainless steel also requires a certain type of cleaner. The cleaner will also need to provide a layer of protection that protects against smudging and staining as they are prone to fingerprints and smudges.


SHEEN is a viscous colourless liquid formulated to clean and restore the natural brilliance of stainless steel, chrome and other bright metals. SHEEN leaves a fine, invisible film that seals and protects the surface from resoiling, fingerprinting, corrosion and surface deterioration.

#7 Mildew and Mould Remover

Mold and mildew are both fungi that are commonly found in washrooms due to the number of moist surfaces they have. If left unattended, they can quickly affect large areas of your structural integrity and also pose some health-related problems, including respiratory issues, allergy symptoms, fatigue, and headaches. Having a mildew and mould remover is an essential tool to make your job easier.


MILDEX is a heavy-duty chlorinated penetrating formula that totally destroys mildew stains and soap scum stains that build up on grout or tile surfaces. It contains a fresh fragrance effectively masks chlorine odour after it is rinsed off. MILDEX breaks down the soap scum that can hold mildew stains and leaves the surface clean; penetrates and kill mildew at the root. MILDEX formulated with thick foam ensures dwell time for maximum removal of mould and mildew.

#8 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Having a toilet bowl cleaner as one of the most essential washroom & toilet cleaning supplies you’ll need is no brainer. Choosing a suitable toilet bowl cleaner is dependable on the needs of the user and whether they are willing to pay the extra cost for more biodegradable chemicals.


EASI KLEEN is a powerful liquid detergent blend of organic acids and surfactants, formulated for the hygienic cleaning of toilet bowls and urinals. EASI KLEEN cleans, de-scales, disinfects and deodorizes in one easy application.

#9 Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Take a moment to consider what you flush down your drain each day. Your washroom’s plumbing system is constantly filled with hair, soap, and dirt. If you don’t clean out your shower and sink drains regularly, all the buildup can wreak havoc on your washroom’s sewage lines and pipes. Here are some reasons to use a drain cleaner, especially an enzyme drain cleaner.

Drain longevity is improved – By minimizing the damage that accumulates over time, regular cleaning can actually increase the lifespan of your drains.

Eliminates nasty odors – Foul odour particles and debris that get stuck in drains can be removed with drain cleaning. When you use an enzyme drain, it actually breaks down the particles, removing them as well as eliminating foul odors.

Faster drainage and fewer clogs – Drains can become clogged over time, which can lead to serious clogs. By clearing the particles, clogged drains can be unclogged.

Reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs – By utilizsng an enzyme drain cleaner, it renovates the pipe, reducing its weariness.


DRAIN GUARD is the next-generation bio-engineered bacterial enzyme drain maintenance solution combining the most resistant fast-growing bacteria with a highly effective combination of enzymes to liquefy and digest grease, fats, starches, proteins, cellulose, sludge, and vegetable matter so as to maintain drains, pipes, traps and septic systems free flowing. DRAIN GUARD contains no pathogenic organisms and only biodegradables additives, adds to the natural environment and does not contribute to pollution in any way.

#10 Air Freshener & Deodoriser

Lastly, to finish your cleaning supplies list off, you will need an air freshener and deodoriser. The air freshener and deodoriser are also an item that could elevate your washroom hygiene. Choosing a deodoriser air freshener is also based on user preference. Some people like the certain smell in their bathroom however an air freshener should also come with deodoriser properties that help deodourise foul smells in the washroom.


Boldair gel is a solid odour eliminator gel as it doesn’t just mask bad smells but actually destroys the odorous molecules suspended in the air. It catches unpleasant smells and takes the shape of a shingle at the end of its life cycle. Thanks to its diffusion grid Boldair gel evaporates regularly and permanently for 8 weeks. It neutralizes odour from smoking, cooking, painting, pets, mould. Boldair gels are non-toxic and biodegradable (no gas). It also releases very pleasant fragrances.

deodoriser toilet cleaning supplies

Now then, you have all the essential supplies you need, it is not enough to bring you there (where those sparkling – good smelling washroom that you go in the a 5 star hotels). Having all the essential washroom cleaning supplies is just the first steps, next what you need is to train your employee to stick to a daily routine of what they need to do when cleaning the washroom. We have a sample of to-do-list in form of a checklist and a checklist of washroom cleaning supplies that you might need below.

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