ORAPI the French leader of consumable for Professional Hygiene & Industrial Maintenance,founded in 1968 and chaired by Guy Chifflot, launches its Hygiene Corporate Foundation.

Present on five continents, the group has witnessed the increasingly prominent role of changing hygiene and public health requirements, has begun to reflect on its role and commitments within the civil society.

The Foundation was born out of the clear desire to actively participate in children’s prevention against contagious diseases and epidemics risks by promoting a good personal hygiene habits and to establish the rules of hygiene practices.


To allow young generations to adopt a good personal hygiene practices in the face of public health risks and a contribution to a healthy future.

The ORAPI Hygiene Foundation has action in France (risks binding against epidemics like the flu) and abroad, especially in Africa which is facing serious epidemics such as the Ebola virus.

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The ORAPI Hygiene Foundation has signed a partnership with UNESCO to support a three-year training program in 300 schools in Liberia.

Although the Ebola virus seems to be virtually eradicated in the country, there are still a few isolated cases in the neighboring countries which have not been completely eradicated.

UNESCO and local authorities have planned to carryout major actions over the coming two years:

  • Train and develop local radio announcers to broadcast health & personal hygiene messages.
  • Train 850 civil society organizations staffs, local leaders, teachers, religious as well as youth leaders.
  • Provide health education materials and to set-up hygiene rules in three districts.
  • Train teachers to utilise these materials in more than 300 schools in the counties of Montserrado, Bong and Nimba.
  • Create 10 school health clubs in each district.
  • Integrate Ebola and other topics such as hygiene, puberty, in the school health curriculum.
  • Incorporating elements in teacher trainings.
A first operation successfully carried out in Cambodia

The ORAPI Hygiene Foundation provided the team of Enfants du Mékong volunteers, called “Bamboos”, on a mission in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with “I know how to wash my hands” fortune tellers translated into Khmer language during an operation conducted by the Foundation in Cambodia with the Hagopig association.

The local team then organized an educational activity for the children on the theme of hygiene to teach them to adopt the right actions.

The activity started with a large rubbish collection at the school to raise children’s awareness of waste treatment. Then, to teach them that after touching dirty things, you have to wash your hands, the teaching team proposed a cleaning workshop with a strong emphasis on the steps to take to ensure proper hand washing. To accompany this learning and make it fun, each child was given a paper fortune teller, to their greatest joy.

A first step in a great adventure for the ORAPI Hygiene Foundation and Enfants du Mékong in Southeast Asia!

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