At ORAPI, we strive each and every day to develop sustainable economic growth and efficiency to encourage the creation of wealth for all. We are committed to fostering responsibility across our value chain, from business ethic, Procurement, modes of productions, Research and Development, to marketing and distribution approach.

Responsible Conduct:

Our high standard of ethical conduct across our organizations have enable us to operate with integrity for almost 50 years. Our business is conduct in all Ethical fairness, Open with honest dealing practices and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We emphasize on the importance of complying with anti-corruption laws of all countries in which our subsidiaries and our distributors operate.

Responsible Industrial Performance:

For decades, we have subjected our management systems, production facilities and manufacturing processes to repeated scrutiny. We constantly ensure we comply with all applicable environmental and safety standards, and in many cases go above and beyond. Independent audits of environmental management, health, and safety are carried out in all our plants.

Responsible Procurement Policy:

Our partnerships with suppliers are committed to performance and stability. Our suppliers’ engagements are guided by ORAPI’s policy and guarantees the highest levels of integrity (proper transport declarations, zero animal tests, zero tolerance for child and forced labor), confidentiality (protection of intellectual property rights) and commitment to sustainable development. In addition our purchasing teams are trained in preventing corruption.

Regulatory responsibility:

Our regulatory team constantly keeps track of all regulatory changes in the field of Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE). We carefully select our raw materials to ensure compliance with the regulations and directives in force (REACH, Biocides, etc.) and limit risks from chemicals (reduction of CMR* substances, allergens, etc.).

Responsible Chemistry:

ORAPI is committed to using raw materials that are the safest for the users and the environment. We develop more and more products based on raw materials of natural origin and continue to seek plant-based alternatives to chemical molecules. We strive to deliver efficient solutions at reduced footprint.

Provide effective Responsible Solutions:

We continuously monitor and manage our customers’ expanding demands for solutions and support. We work in close partnership with customers, through expert advices and specific training to achieve operation efficiency and sustainable results.

Responsible Sales Strategy:

Across every industry we serve, our engineers strive to deliver the best results with the lowest impact. ORAPI has developed special range of lubricants and greases which help customers to significantly increase the energy efficiency of existing machines and prolonging the life of expensive production equipment, reducing energy consumption and cutting CO2 emissions.

Responsible Communication:

We work everyday to minimize our footprint offering more digital and online marketing tools (catalogues, TDS, SDS). In addition we develop videoconference meetings across our organization to reducing travel and Co2 emission.