COVID-19: Hands Hygiene.

Play and teach children when and how to wash their hands.
ORAPI paper origami fortune teller. Cocotte for hand washing. Teach kids about when and how to wash.
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How to avoid COVID-19 transmission? Why should you wash your hands more frequently? How to wash your hands well? These are all questions that children have been asking their parents more and more in recent days. Parents, whilst playing with their children will be able to explain to them in simple words, a complicated situation, which reinforces hygiene practices not always easy to understand when you are a child.

Timeless paper fortune tellers developed by the ORAPI Hygiene Foundation have a double objective. They allow parents to entertain their children and teach them good hygienic practices until they return to school where they will resume activities and studies, with the knowledge that a few basic hygiene rules can have a real impact on their health.

Aimed at primary school children, these games, written by an ORAPI collective made up of 12 people from different departments and different subsidiaries, were validated by a group of educational tools analyzed by the National Federation of Education and of Health Promotion in France.

When do you wash your hands?
1. Before and after eating.
2. After coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose.
3. After going to the bathroom.
4. After being in public transport (bus, MRT, Grab car…)
And also
1. After being with someone who is sick
2. After playing with friends.

To wash your hands thoroughly, rub these parts:
1. Palm and outside back of hands and wrists.
2. Thumbs and fingers.
3. Fingertips and nails.
4. use soap and dry your hands.
And also:
1. To properly dry hands, use a disposable paper towel, a clean towel.

Cocotte. Teach your kids hands hygiene.
Cocotte. Origami paper fortune teller.