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Chemical Dilution Plonge

Hydraulic metering range , Plonge is made to dilute products at a precise concentration. The plonge is made for filling buckets, sink units or scrubbing machines. Plonge is in conformity with stardard EN1717.

Changing of The Coloured Metering Nozzle

The plonge also come with different ratio of concentration in the form of the nozzle. In order to obtain the desired concentration for the dilution of your chemicals, please refer to the table of concentrations below.

Dilution Dosing Nozzle Colour Concentration Chart_Plonge Yellow Venturi - Ven Jau 13L_Low Quality

Model Detail: 
Plonge Yellow Venturi – Ven Jau 13L
Based on 13L/min
Dynamic Water Pressure at 2.5 Bars
Maximum Suction Height of Plonge at 2 meter.

Disclaimer: Dilution concentration could be affected by the incoming water pressure, hardness and pH level of the water. So make sure to test the dilution concentration after setting up.

Check the colour of the venturi and make sure it’s yellow. This chart only applies to yellow venturi. You can download the chart below to paste near your dosing station. Full tutorial down below.

Follow the step below to change the nozzle by yourself.

  1. Start by removing the cover.
  2. Push outward to unhinge the side, revealing the concentration nozzle located on the right side.
  3. Gently detach the tube from the nozzle.
  4. Pinch the bottom end of the tube to carefully squeeze out the nozzle contents.
  5. Access the concentration table for detailed information on the correct nozzle ratio. You can download the table at
  6. Select the appropriate nozzle and compare its colour with the table.
  7. Reinsert the new nozzle and tube back into place.
  8. Verify the outcome by testing it with Quaternary Ammonium Test Paper.
  9. Secure the tube opening to prevent any potential leakage.
  10. Finally, buckle the cover back into place.

If the chemical is still stuck after you have troubleshoot, please request our technician support below.