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Having Problem Ordering

The ordering process is similar to when ordering on other e-commerce platforms. Refer to these steps if you are unsure.

1) Pick your desired product pack size.

2) Review your product below by scrolling.

3) Once you finalise on the decision, click ‘Add to cart’

4) Once the item is added to cart, you able to see product(s) in the cart.

5) Continue this process for your other desired product(s)

6) Once you have finalise the order, click on the bag icon and go to your cart to checkout your order.

7) The cart page has a couple of sections for you to take note of.

a) Payment – This section will show you the available payment method you have. You might have 2 or more payment method.

b) Voucher – You can apply your voucher code here before you pay. It will auto-deduct the amount from your voucher and will be reflected in the total amount.

c) Shipping Address – Make sure your shipping address is correct. If it is incorrect or you want to ship your order to another location, you could request it in (i), on the comment section, or request here.

d) Purchase Product – In the Purchase Product list, you can review all of the products that you want to purchase in one glance.

e) Credit – This section shows you the amount of credit left. Request for more credit can be done here.

f) Loyalty Points – This section shows you the number of points available. Points can use to purchase items.

h) Customer Reference – Enter your customer reference no. here.

i) Comment – Enter additional comments or requests if you need to, eg. changing of the shipping address, 

Do not reorder again unless were told to do so. Instead click here to report your failed order.

You can click here to request for your reference no.