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What Is ECOCERT Certification and Why Is It Important

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ECOCERT is a France-based certification body that provides certification for organic and environmentally friendly products. Established in 1991, ECOCERT specialises in inspecting and certifying organic and natural products according to various standards, including organic farming, organic cosmetics, fair trade, and sustainable agricultural and food industry practices.
The organisation has developed stringent criteria and guidelines that products must meet to receive their certification. These criteria often involve using natural ingredients, limitations on synthetic chemicals, environmentally friendly production methods, and sustainable sourcing practices.
It relies on an international network of 30 branches in more than 130 countries. Thus, the organisation is recognised in certifying environmental management systems and fair trade. It sets demanding standards to encourage economic players across all sectors to adopt more responsible practices. Its expertise also covers environmental consulting. Per its convictions, ECOCERT applies a rigorous environmental policy to all of its activities.
ECOCERT’s certifications significantly promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in industries worldwide, helping consumers make informed choices about the products they purchase.

Why Is ECOCERT Important?

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ECOCERT plays a crucial role in steering establishments towards a more sustainable trajectory. By offering tailored solutions, ECOCERT facilitates adopting environmentally and socially responsible practices across various industries worldwide. This includes fostering production methods that prioritise environmental preservation, efficient energy usage, and the conservation of natural resources like water, air, and soil fertility. It also encourages socially accountable sectors, enhancing product quality and safety. These facets are pivotal in confronting economic, social, and environmental challenges, paving the way for a more promising future.
Moreover, when a company proudly showcases its ECOCERT certifications, it is a testament to its dedication towards sustainable production. This gesture assures consumers and empowers them to make informed and conscientious purchasing decisions, thereby contributing to a more sustainable market.


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ORAPI Group proudly boasts its ECOCERT and Ecolabel marks, which are placed on product packaging or in e-catalogues that can help consumers and institutional purchasers quickly and easily identify those products that meet specific environmental performance criteria and are therefore deemed “environmentally preferable”.

The Difference Between ECOCERT and ECOLABEL


ECOCERT is a certification that emphasises environmentally friendly production and transformation processes. It focuses on promoting the use of natural or organic ingredients while ensuring the responsible management of natural resources. One of its key aspects involves prohibiting the inclusion of most petrochemical ingredients. Originating from France, ECOCERT certification sets standards for sustainability in agriculture and manufacturing, prioritising ecological practices throughout the supply chain.


On the other hand, ECOLABEL certification involves a comprehensive analysis of a product’s environmental impact, spanning from raw material extraction to the product’s degradation (life cycle assessment). It emphasises the control and verification of a product’s effectiveness while aiming to reduce its environmental impact upon disposal. ECOLABEL prohibits the use of environmentally or health-hazardous materials, focusing on European certification standards that address sustainability and eco-friendly practices across various industries.

ORAPI Generation

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ORAPI Generation is a signature for our products that follow the 5 essential conditions. These products are also sustainable alternatives to our regular product range, created for those who want to implement sustainability into their facilities. 

To be eligible, the product must validate at least one criterion in each of the 5 conditions: 

Effective Products

  1. Optimisation of efficiency: less products, more efficiency. 
  2. Anti-waste: less product, less impact on the environment.

Biosources or Sustainable Raw Materials

  1. Organic raw materials of plant or bio-sourced origin (ECOCERT label).
  2. Mineral raw materials from the circular economy (soda, sodium carbonate, etc.).
  3. Raw materials accepted in an Ecolabel certification.

Environmentally Friendly Products

  1. Non-toxic to aquatic organisms according to CLP labelling.
  2. Biodegradable (according to standards or tests).
  3. Short circuits for raw materials and products.
  4. Concentrated products to limit the transport of diluted water.
  5. Less packaging with products available in bulk.

Safe-to-use Products

  1. Non-corrosive.
  2. Without allergens.
  3. Without endocrine disruptors.
  4. Free of volatile organic compounds.

Eco-designed packaging

  1. Lighter and more plastic-efficient.
  2. In recyclable materials. 
  3. Made from recycled materials. 
  4. Reusable/rechargeable. 

This charter of excellence underscores our determination to respect and enforce our commitments so that, day by day, hygiene has a lower environmental impact. Hygiene must protect humans without compromising the environment.

The Parallels Between ECOCERT and ORAPI Generation

Like Ecocert, ORAPI Generation is deeply committed to fostering sustainability within its field. Both prioritise environmental concerns, advocating for preserving natural resources and a sustainable future. Generation ORAPI’s new ambition aligns with Ecocert’s principles by emphasising excellence and ecological values. They share a dedication to minimising environmental impact while prioritising human well-being and environmental protection. Despite their specific focuses, both entities unite in their core mission of promoting environmental consciousness and sustainable practices for the betterment of our planet and future generations.


Established in 1991, Ecocert significantly drives global sustainable practices via strict criteria emphasising natural ingredients and eco-friendly production. Their certifications guide consumers and urge companies toward responsible practices. ORAPI Generation represents the hallmark of ORAPI products adhering to the 5 fundamental prerequisites. Products qualify by satisfying at least one criterion within each of the 5 conditions. ORAPI Group’s ORAPI Generation mirrors Ecocert’s ethos, jointly championing sustainability, ecological values, and responsible production. This unified dedication underscores a promising, eco-conscious future.

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