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endocrine disruptors in cleaning chemicals

Endocrine Disruptors in Cleaning Products

Cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals, including endocrine disruptors, which can adversely affect your health. When you clean your spaces, it’s not only about aesthetics but also about maintaining hygiene and safeguarding your well-being. It would be unfortunate if the products you rely on for cleanliness end up compromising your health. This article will provide guidance on how to address this concern. Also read: Hidden Hazards: Allergens in Cleaning ProductsWays to Improve Indoor Air Quality With Cleaning and HygieneThe Science

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science of stain removal alkaline vs acidic cleaners

The Science of Stain Removal: Alkaline vs Acidic Cleaners

Stain removal has always been a paramount challenge in maintaining pristine surfaces, leading to the development of specialised cleaning agents. Alkaline solutions have emerged as a powerful tool against oil-based stains, leveraging the science of saponification to emulsify and dissolve oils effectively. Conversely, mineral stains demand the acidic touch, as these solutions excel at breaking down stubborn mineral deposits. In this concise article, we uncover the chemical underpinnings of these cleaning practices and explain the reasons behind the remarkable efficacy

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can you get std sti from toilet seats

Can You Get STD/STI From a Toilet Seat?

Restrooms are one of the most common public places that people visit frequently, and as a result, it is natural to wonder about the germs lurking in these spaces. Bathrooms are known to harbour various viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can survive on surfaces for varying lengths of time, which can be a cause for concern among many people.  While most sexually transmitted infections (STIs), also known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), are primarily spread through sexual contact, some people

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History of Cleaning

The History of Cleaning

The history of cleaning is a long one, dating back thousands of years to ancient Babylon. The techniques, methods, and roles involved in general household cleaning have evolved dramatically since then. This article provides a timeline covering the evolution of cleaning throughout history—from its inception until today’s time. So, get your feathers dusted as we move from one era to the next, spanning thousands of years.  Ancient Civilisations (2800 B.C.) In 2800 B.C., soaplike residue found clinging to the inside

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