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the importance of food safety certification

The Importance of Food Safety Certification

It is up to food and beverage manufacturers and food service operators to determine the safety of a cleaning product for use in processing, handling, or cooking environments. This burdens the cleaning product manufacturer to provide strong assurances of their products’ safety for their intended purposes, especially for food safety certification. This can become challenging and levy some additional responsibilities.   To address this challenge, the most efficient and effective way to demonstrate the suitability of cleaning products is to

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closing the say do gap aligning actions with words

Closing the Say-Do Gap: Aligning Actions with Words

The “say-do gap” in sustainability refers to the difference between what individuals or organisations claim to do (or “say”) in terms of sustainability and what they actually do (or “do”). This gap can occur due to a lack of accountability, a lack of resources, or a lack of commitment to sustainability. For example, an individual might claim to be environmentally conscious and recycle regularly, but they may still drive a gas-guzzling car and not make an effort to conserve energy

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A comprehensive evaluation of GHG Emissions

A Comprehensive Evaluation of GHG Emissions

The balance between energy entering and leaving the atmosphere maintains the temperature on our planet. Imbalance can be caused by changes in the greenhouse effect, which in turn causes climate change. In the pre-Industrial Revolution era, climate varied naturally. However, climate change since cannot be explained by natural causes. Rising temperatures, changing snow and rainfall patterns and more extreme climate events have been linked to unnatural carbon dioxide levels and other atmospheric GHGs. This article talks about everything related to

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ORAPI Awarded the IFS HPC Certification

ORAPI Awarded the IFS HPC Certification

The IFS HPC certification was awarded on August 17 to ORAPI for the detergent products manufactured in its Saint-Vulbas factory (floors & surfaces, linen, sanitary ware, dishes). This certification guarantees customers the conformity and the quality of hygiene products. This certification thus stands to guarantee that ORAPI thus continues its daily commitment to offer products that are safe for the health and safety of users. IFS HPC Certification Download Download IFS HPC Certification Also read: Food Safety: Post-Harvest Removal of

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FHAM Maldives 2022

Maldives President Visits ORAPI’s Booth at FHA Maldives

The FHAM Exhibition and International Culinary, the leading annual festival for the Hospitality Industry of Maldives, gather the entire Tourism Industry to meet under one roof at the event. It attracts the Owners, Senior Management and other staff of Resorts, Hotels, Guest Houses, Safari Boat Operators and Owners, Restaurants and Cafeterias to visit the exhibition that showcases a wide range of products and services.

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EcoVadis Certificate - Business Sustainability Rating Certification-01

Orapi Awarded EcoVadis Business Sustainability Rating Certification

In July 2022, ORAPI became the proud recipient of the EcoVadis Business Sustainability Rating certification. EcoVadis is one of the world’s most trusted business sustainability ratings accredited certification bodies and has just awarded ORAPI a bronze medal in Sustainability Rating. We are so proud and grateful to receive an award from one of the most esteemed bodies! We aim to further rise among the ranks by continuing to improve our processes and products in our commitment to achieving positive sustainability

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History of Cleaning

The History of Cleaning

The history of cleaning is a long one, dating back thousands of years to ancient Babylon. The techniques, methods, and roles involved in general household cleaning have evolved dramatically since then. This article provides a timeline covering the evolution of cleaning throughout history—from its inception until today’s time. So, get your feathers dusted as we move from one era to the next, spanning thousands of years.  Ancient Civilisations (2800 B.C.) In 2800 B.C., soaplike residue found clinging to the inside

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A Chemical Cleaning Introduction – Choosing The Right Cleaner

Cleaning chemicals have always been our forte. However, not all cleaning chemicals are created the same. Though some needed more than just cleaning chemicals, that’s where ‘chemicals cleaning’ comes in. Keep reading to know the processes and the products you’ll need to perform a thorough ‘chemical cleaning’. Be sure to read our other articles as well. Also read:Transport Bus Cleaning Range List GuideCare Home HygieneSome Key Considerations for Disinfectant Standards (European Norms Standard (EN 14476) – S) Introduction of Chemical

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