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the importance of bearing lubrication maximising bearing lifespan

Importance of Bearing Lubrication: Maximizing Bearing Lifespan

The article highlights the critical role of proper lubrication in maintaining industrial equipment efficiency. Common causes of bearing failure include improper lubrication and use of unsuitable lubricants. Tips for effective lubrication include developing a program, smart labeling, ultrasound monitoring, balancing lubrication, proper handling, and understanding lubricant factors. Benefits encompass rust prevention, corrosion resistance, and wear reduction, enhancing equipment reliability.

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grease lubricant additives and greasing methods

Grease 101 PART 3: Grease Lubricant Additives and Greasing Methods

Welcome to the third instalment of Grease 101. In PART 1 of the series, we provided an overview of grease lubricants, covering aspects like base penetrability, NLGI grade classification, grease drop-point, and dmN factor measurement. In PART 2, we explored lubricating oil and thickeners, elucidating their types and inter-compatibility. This third and final part of the series is dedicated to additives, the third grease lubricant component. We’ll delve into their various types, assess advantages and constraints, and conclude with a

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grease 101 grease lubricant oils and thickeners

Grease 101 PART 2: Grease Lubricant Oils and Thickeners

In the previous article, we gave a general description of grease lubricants, including its base penetrability and how it is measured, classification according to NLGI grade, grease drop-point, dmN factor, and more. We also mentioned that grease has three components: lubricants, thickeners, and additives. In this article, we will be going through the first two components of grease lubricant and the different factors to consider within each component.  Also read: Grease 101 PART 1: Understanding the Basics of Grease LubricantTypes

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grease 101 understanding the basics of grease definition and composition

Grease 101 PART 1: Understanding The Basics of Grease Lubricant

Greases have widespread applications in diverse industries and are ideal for machines operating irregularly or where frequent oil changes are impractical. Nevertheless, the many grease  variants available can make selecting the appropriate one challenging. When choosing a grease lubricant, several crucial factors merit consideration, including its base penetrability, NLGI grade, lubricating oil, thickener type, and additives. Emphasising grease consistency is vital in systems that require blending multiple grease lubricant formulations. ORAPI has meticulously curated the ultimate guide to different grease

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types of lubrication boundary and hydrodynamic lubrication

Types of Lubrication: Boundary vs Hydrodynamic Lubrication

The fundamental principles of boundary and hydrodynamic lubrication are the two essential mechanisms for reducing friction and wear in mechanical systems. Proper lubrication is critical to maintaining machinery and reducing friction-related wear and tear. In this concise guide, we will explore the key differences between these two lubrication methods, delving into their distinct mechanisms, applications, and advantages. Understanding these different lubrication approaches empowers engineers to make informed decisions in selecting the right lubricant for optimal performance and durability in various

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Different Types of Lubricants and Their Applications

Different Types of Lubricants and Their Applications

In general, lubricants are primarily used to decrease friction between two surfaces; however, it is essential to note that each lubricant has unique properties.   Although lubrication may seem straightforward, it is still crucial to understand the different types of lubricants and their applications. This ensures that the appropriate lubricant is always used for the intended application, which can reduce machine downtime and failures.   To begin with, lubricants can be categorised into four main types: oils, greases, penetrating lubricants,

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