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the pet friendly guide to optimal kennel cleaning

The Pet Friendly Guide to Optimal Kennel Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness in pet friendly hotels (kennel cleaning) may not be the most glamorous aspect of operating a pet business. Yet, it stands out as crucial in impressing your devoted dog-loving customers. In the vicinity of just 100 meters, one can easily spot 2-3 boarding kennels, which doesn’t even include training kennels and veterinary hospitals. With so many options, pet owners can be choosy about what kennel will board their dog or cat. Undoubtedly, they’d want only the best and

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what are enzyme cleaners and when to use them

What Are Enzyme Cleaners and When to Use Them

What Are Enzyme Cleaners Enzyme cleaners harness the power of biological enzymes, which are specialised molecules accelerating chemical reactions, to swiftly and efficiently degrade various types of dirt and grime. These cleaners contain beneficial bacteria that rapidly multiply and initiate the production of these enzymes upon application to a surface. As these bacteria flourish, they contribute to the breakdown of organic matter, such as food particles, grease, and other waste, into smaller components, making them easier to clean or remove

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endocrine disruptors in cleaning chemicals

Endocrine Disruptors in Cleaning Products

Cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals, including endocrine disruptors, which can adversely affect your health. When you clean your spaces, it’s not only about aesthetics but also about maintaining hygiene and safeguarding your well-being. It would be unfortunate if the products you rely on for cleanliness end up compromising your health. This article will provide guidance on how to address this concern. Also read: Hidden Hazards: Allergens in Cleaning ProductsWays to Improve Indoor Air Quality With Cleaning and HygieneThe Science

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ways to improve indoor air quality with cleaning and hygiene

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality With Cleaning and Hygiene

In the wake of evolving guidelines from esteemed organisations like the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO), a fundamental question emerges: How does cleaning impact indoor air quality (IAQ) and how can we improve indoor air quality? Surprisingly, the answer to this question might not be as apparent as one would assume. As we find ourselves on the

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what is hardness of water and how to deal with it

What Is Hardness of Water and How to Deal With It

Water is a fundamental element of life, indispensable for human consumption, sanitation, and industrial processes. Yet, not all water is created equal. As it journeys through the Earth’s crust, minerals and ions, alter its composition, which impacts its quality and usability. One such transformation is the phenomenon known as “water hardness.”   In water chemistry, hardness refers to the concentration of certain minerals, predominantly calcium and magnesium ions, dissolved within the water. While these minerals are essential for human health

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grease 101 grease lubricant oils and thickeners

Grease 101 PART 2: Grease Lubricant Oils and Thickeners

In the previous article, we gave a general description of grease lubricants, including its base penetrability and how it is measured, classification according to NLGI grade, grease drop-point, dmN factor, and more. We also mentioned that grease has three components: lubricants, thickeners, and additives. In this article, we will be going through the first two components of grease lubricant and the different factors to consider within each component.  Also read: Grease 101 PART 1: Understanding the Basics of Grease LubricantTypes

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science of stain removal alkaline vs acidic cleaners

The Science of Stain Removal: Alkaline vs Acidic Cleaners

Stain removal has always been a paramount challenge in maintaining pristine surfaces, leading to the development of specialised cleaning agents. Alkaline solutions have emerged as a powerful tool against oil-based stains, leveraging the science of saponification to emulsify and dissolve oils effectively. Conversely, mineral stains demand the acidic touch, as these solutions excel at breaking down stubborn mineral deposits. In this concise article, we uncover the chemical underpinnings of these cleaning practices and explain the reasons behind the remarkable efficacy

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aircon mould alternaria and how to prevent it

Alternaria: An Aircon Mould & How to Prevent It

In recent years, indoor allergens and moulds have become a global concern, impacting people’s health and well-being. Among these moulds, Alternaria an aircon mould stands out as a common fungus known to cause respiratory allergies and potentially severe health issues. Its ability to thrive in warm and moist environments makes air conditioners an ideal breeding ground. This article aims to highlight the significance of Alternaria contamination on air conditioning units, discuss associated health risks, and provide practical prevention and removal tips.

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the advantages of protective coatings for buildings

Advantages of Protective Coatings for Buildings

Living in Southeast Asia, the hot and humid climate can affect buildings’ facades, stability, and safety. ASHRAE Humidity Standards recommend maintaining humidity below 60%, but tropical countries like Singapore and Thailand can reach 70-90% humidity. This high humidity leads to moss and algae formation, causing structural damage. Water and dissolved salts can also penetrate, leading to cracks and spalling. Seaside bridges are particularly vulnerable to corrosion, undermining their stability. Our article highlights the importance of protective coatings for buildings and

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