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Role of Sinner’s Circle in Cleaning Performance

What is the Sinner’s Circle? The Sinner’s Circle is named after Dr. Sinner (also known as the cleaning circle) and describes the effect of mechanism when cleaning. It is the interaction between four factors, namely temperature, chemistry, mechanical power, and time and their collective contribution to the cleaning process as well as the best economic return. Together they determine the efficiency of the entire cleaning procedure.  Also read: What are Surfactants and Why It is Important for Cleaning?A Chemical Cleaning

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What are Surfactants and Why It is Important for Cleaning?

What is Surfactants? Surfactants mean surface-active agents and they play a significant part in most cleaning products. To clean the dirt on surfaces, the water needs to be able to reach the surface. With surfactants, water can get to the surface as it reduces the water tension and separates the water from the impurities hence it traps impurities which makes it to be very effective in cleaning. The 2 Ends of a Surfactant Every surfactant has two ends. One end

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