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reducing emissions though aircraft exterior cleaning

Reducing Emissions Through Aircraft Exterior Cleaning

The challenges persisting in the aviation industry, particularly the escalating costs of aviation fuel, have prompted numerous maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service providers and airlines to seek enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined processes to mitigate fuel expenses. Amidst the endeavors to economize, certain strategies, such as taking into account the aerodynamics of an aircraft and incorporating regular aircraft exterior cleaning, have emerged as noteworthy contributors to these initiatives. In specific regions, jet fuel expenses have surged by a staggering

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aircraft corrosion 11 areas prone to corrosion

Aircraft Corrosion: 11 Areas Prone to Corrosion

In a previous article, we elaborated on the 11 distinct types of corrosion. If you’ve gone through that piece, you should now be able to differentiate between these forms. However, a question that may linger in your mind is, “Within a large apparatus like an aeroplane, where is corrosion most likely to manifest?” To address this query, this article will explore the top 10 regions susceptible to corrosion. These specific areas prone to aircraft corrosion require more frequent cleaning, inspection,

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Types of Aircraft Corrosion

Types of Corrosion in Aircraft: Aviation MRO

Corrosion poses a significant threat to the integrity and safety of metal structures, particularly in critical applications like aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Understanding corrosion forms is essential for MRO professionals, as it enables them to implement adequate preventive measures and inspection protocols, ensuring the longevity, safety, and reliability of aircraft components, where various types of corrosion in aircraft can be a significant threat to the integrity and safety of metal structures. This article explores the various manifestations of

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choosing the ideal aviation degreaser 7 key factors

Choosing the Ideal Aviation MRO Degreaser: 7 Key Factors

Selecting new cleaning agents for application in aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (Aviation MRO) establishments involves significant hazards due to the potential repercussions of an unwise selection. Such a choice could lead to substantial and costly consequences, affecting aircraft operability and safety over the long term, as well as posing risks to human health and the environment. Regulatory fines could also be imposed in cases of non-compliance. Once these challenges have been addressed, should the selected product prove ineffective in

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private jet cleaning procedures and checklist

Private Jet Cleaning: Procedures and Checklist

Private jets epitomise luxury and exclusivity in the world of travel, offering unparalleled comfort, privacy, and convenience for their elite passengers. However, behind the scenes of this extravagant mode of transportation lies a vital aspect that ensures utmost satisfaction and safety: meticulous cleaning procedures. The private jet cleaning process goes beyond regular maintenance, involving a careful and detailed approach to maintain the aircraft’s immaculate condition. This article explores the world of private jet cleaning, providing a comprehensive checklist outlining the

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Predictive Maintenance: The Future of Aviation

It is no big news that many industries significantly downsized during the pandemic. However, as the world attempts to recover fully to normal, the aviation industry is facing one of the biggest challenges in finding a replacement for workers retrenched during the pandemic.    Skilled engineering personnel are particularly in short supply, as many have left for other sectors. Though many other manufacturers, aftermarket providers, and airlines encountered the same acute problem last year, it can be ameliorated to a

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The Force of Attrition in Aircraft Maintenance

The Force of Attrition in Aircraft Maintenance

Let’s start by defining attrition—attrition is the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure. So how does attrition affect aircraft maintenance, you might ask? Well, aircraft fall under the category of heavy vehicles, which means it goes through a lot of wear and tears over the course of its life. Neither is it easy to replace the damage that has already been cost.  The five primary sources of attrition are weather, friction, overloads, heat, and

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Why You Should Choose an Aviation Degreaser for Your Plane

Why Choose an Aircraft Degreaser?

Regular cleaning is a vital part of most aviation maintenance regimes and is not just about maintaining appearances. Keeping equipment, vehicles and workspaces clean is an integral part of taking care of critical infrastructure as well as maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. While an aircraft degreaser specifically serves the purpose of cleaning an aircraft, regular industrial degreasers cover a wide range of applications across almost every conceivable industry, which is why these degreasers often lack certain qualities essential

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