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Silicone V7500 — 746 —Silicone Oil

SILICONE V7500 is an ULTRA pure oil, designed for mould release, anti-adhesion, lubrication and heat transfer in various industries.

• Provides excellent lubrication.
• Will not attract dirt or dust. Non-sticky and odourless.
• Non-staining and colourless – ideal for hygienic atmosphere : food, pharma and cosmetic facilities.
• Resistant to water washout – Hydrophobic action.
• Remain stable at wide operating temperature range: -45°C to + 200°C.
• Withstand high temperature exceeding +250°C for hours in anaerobic environment without degradation.
• Chemically inert – no risk of corrosion for various materials. Compatible with all plastics and elastomers.
• Non-Toxic – does not contain chlorinated solvents.
• Extends lubrication intervals.
• Reduces maintenance spare parts costs.
• MOSH / MOAH free


    • NSF H1 (Reg. N° 164392)

Meet the requirements of the F.D.A. regulation “Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR” concerning food contact applications if used in accordance with:
•  177.2800 “Textiles and textile fibers”
•  178.3570 “Lubricants with incidental food contact”
•  178.3910 “Surface lubricants used in the manufacture of metallic articles”
•  181.28 “Release agents”

PACK SIZE : 20kg

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