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NOVIRUCLEAN — 3471 —Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaner and Deodorant

NOVIRUCLEAN is a broad spectrum, bacteridical, yeasticidal and viricidal disinfectant cleaner, designed to control the hazardous cross-contamination on all internal surfaces of aircrafts, trains, metros, bus etc.

Cleans, deodorizes and disinfects all inanimate hard and non-porous surfaces such as holding bars, seats, armrests, tray tables, seatback pockets, overhead compartments, crew rest area, galleys, lavatory, walls, doors panels etc. Halal Approval: C9664.

Conforms to :

  • AMS 1453
  • AMS 1453A
  • Boeing D6-7127 Rev P
  • Boeing BSS7434, Chemical Compatibility of Cleaning Products & Interior parts/Materials of Commercial Transport Aircraft
  • Bombardier : interior grooming and disinfection.
  • Royal Canadian Air Force
  • EU Biocides Regulation n°528/2012 

Microbiologic activities : 

  • Bactericidal (5 min): EN 1276, EN 13697
  • Yeasticidal (15 min): EN 1650, EN 13697
  • Viricidal (10 min):  EN 14476  on Adenovirus, Norovirus, Rotavirus, HBV, HCV, Herpes Type 1 & 2, Ebolavirus, Coronavirus (MERS, SARS-Cov1, SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19)), H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H3N2,  H5N1, H9N2, HIV.
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