For almost 50 years ORAPI has been working in partnership with the manufacturing and transport industries to understand their process from inside and develop effective programs and proficient technical services for process and maintenance efficiency which exceed the ever increasing challenges on cleaning, lubrication, productivity and operating costs.

Our Lubrication & Maintenance Specialists work every day with OEMs and Manufacturers throughout the world, to provide mechanical and maintenance engineers, technologically advanced cleaning and Tribological Solutions to improve the reliability and durability of their tools, while maintaining Health & Safety for operators and care for the environment.


Our comprehensive programs and support lead by technical experts ensures the following are present within your business:

  • Protect your brands:
    ORAPI’s developed solutions for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries that are safe for consumers. Our food grade product line may incidentally or accidentally be used in direct contact with foodstuffs. The range is endorsed by independent certification bodies (InS, NSF, HALAL) and help our clients to comply to international food regulations as well as the Islamic sharia. The range includes penetrating agents, solvent cleaners and degreasers, assembly pastes, greases, adhesives and lubricants.
  • Shorter downtimes for greater productivity:
    ORAPI’s specialty lubricants and greases applied during the entire service life of the machine does not need to be replaced has often. This approach ensure longer maintenance intervals, reducing the use of resources and downtimes, prevents early mechanisms failure as a result of wear and corrosion and reduces product use and waste that has to be handled.
  • Boosting the performance of machines & equipment:
    Our customers can significantly increase the energy efficiency of existing equipment, saving energy and cutting emissions. For complex plants with a large number of drive components or plants with especially high energy consumption, demand-oriented lubricant management and consumption analyses can significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For this approach, we have developed special lubricants and a measurement procedures to identify and realize potential energy savings.
  • Low input – high output:
    ORAPI helps you to achieve reliable lubrication with less quantity of lubricant requirement. You will reduce raw material consumption, material input, waste volumes, acquisition and disposal costs. From feedback received, some of our clients in the food industry observed significant  reduction of bearing grease consumption by as much as 300%. This resulted an immediate cost reduction benefits without any detrimental effect to the equipment.
  • Environmental Protection:
    ORAPI’s continuously developed biodegradable solutions which does not damage our sensitive ecosystems and protect against pollution. Our specially designed range of renewable lubricants and greases are formulated with plant-oil-based raw materials which are fully biodegradable comparing to standards petroleum-based lubricants. This eliminates the damage to the environment caused by leakages and contact. Customers in areas of marine, papermaking, cement or mining industry can benefit a major step towards greater sustainability without sacrificing performance.

ORAPI programs succeed in combining sustainability & customer benefits, through significant energy savings.


Our sales advisors and Lubrication & Maintenance Specialists deliver theory-based and practical trainings to your current staff and any new arrivals. This information can be complemented by refreshers carried out over the course of the year following audits. The main topics covered are:

  • Product applications
  • Chemical Safe Handling
  • Basic of Lubrication
  • Basic of Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Adhesive technology
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance program