Pronatur Orange Solvent is a unique solvent cleaner and degreaser formulated from derivatives of orange oils and synthesised mineral oil. It replaces chlorinated, paraffinic and flammable solvents in most applications thus offering a safer alternative for effective degreasing.

                                                               Orange Solvent, cleaner degreaser,

Pronatur Orange Solvent is compatible with most commonly encountered substrates. It is completely safe on all metals, concrete, brick, stone, ceramics, glass, plastics, composites, acrylics, wood and painted surfaces. It will not detrimentally affect cured resins and is safe on most fabrics.


Non Flammable

Low Residue

Contains no chlorinated solvents

pH Neutral


Removes :    Oils and Greases    Tar & Bitumen    Carbon DepositsRemoves Semi Cured :  Adhesives    Sealants    Oils Based Paints    Printing Inks
Pronatur Orange Solvent, degreaser
Pronatur Orange Solvent can be used as a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for removing mineral oil based problems such as tar, grease, carbon and bitumen. It will remove waxes, adhesives, semicured paint, varnish and oil-based inks.Pronatur Orange Solvent is ideal for cleaning oil spills from hard surfaces, cleaning engines, tanks, electric motors and adhesive residue removal.Pronatur Orange Solvent can also be used in ultrasonic baths and parts washing equipment.