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Notice About Counterfeit Product: Noviruclean RTU 1/30 (A-3471)

We have recently learned of counterfeit NOVIRUCLEAN RTU 1/30 (A-3471) – Disinfectant Cleaner and Deodorant. These illegal counterfeits falsely claim to be made by ORAPI and fall short of ORAPI quality standards. These counterfeits are sold by unauthorized distributors and resellers in Malaysia.

ORAPI vigorously protects its intellectual property. While these counterfeit products bear the same NOVIRUCLEAN name and ORAPI logo, the content are of dubious quality, fail to meet safety regulations and do not conform to aviation guidelines.

Please be warned that the use of counterfeit product(s) risk damaging your property and ORAPI bears no liability of whatsoever. Be assured that we investigate all leads in this type of illegal activity and will take appropriate action against the sellers.


1. Purchase products only through ORAPI directly to avoid any counterfeits:

2. If the logos and packaging differ from ours at contact us immediately to verify at +65 6265 2888 (Singapore) or +603 7805 3805 (Malaysia).

3. Do not purchase product when the packaging has been resealed, reused or tampered with in any way. Chemical that have been remixed or diluted with unknown substance may cause disastrous effects.

We would like to encourage our customers and partners to combat counterfeit ORAPI products by emailing us:

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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