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How to Maintain the Cleanliness of the Dining Area to Retain More Customers

Maintaining the Cleanliness of Dining Area Retain More Customers?

The semblance of the dining area is what makes or breaks the impression of your restaurant or cafe. And although the music, décor, and lighting have a big role to play in setting the atmosphere, they cannot compensate for the lack of hygiene and cleanliness. However, a well-kept dining area can help you create an ambience that reflects your brand, and there are many ways you can accomplish this. In this article we will focus on all the things you can rectify in your dining area to set the right tone that will inspire your customers to keep coming back to your restaurant or cafe.

Food Contaminants on Dining Tables

You won’t find a single soul who likes finding food debris contaminating table tops. In fact, customers are more likely to leave the restaurant if they can’t find another clean table within a few minutes. Even if the debris is small enough to go unnoticed by the customers, they can still easily attract pests such as cockroaches and rats. What’s worse is that these pests and vermin can unexpectedly emerge right in front of your customers when they are dining. Plus, they can be a headache to eradicate once they start breeding in your restaurant ground.

cleaning dining table

Therefore it is essential to spray the dining tables with a disinfectant and wipe immediately after the customer leaves. Make sure to use a disinfectant with a fast-evaporation formula otherwise, you are likely to find water streaks on the table. Moreover, you must ensure that the product you are using has a neutral pH level. Or else, it may harm the food and the person consuming it. Lastly, remember that Proper sanitation reduces the risk that diners may be exposed to dangerous pathogens, and it also helps prevent cross-contamination — one of the most commonly cited foodservice health code violations.

3337 Easy san


Economy Alcohol Based Cleaner

Easy San is a ready to use alcohol and QAC based sanitizer with fast drying action. It is ideal for use on food contact surfaces and equipment, which comes in contact with foodstuffs.

Reviving Shine in the Glassware

Glassware and dishes covered in a milky-white film is one of the biggest red flags for customers. Although it might be caused by using the wrong products, to your customers it means only one thing: the dishes and glassware haven’t been cleaned thoroughly. This can discourage them from re-visiting your restaurant and cafe. But instead of hiding them away at the back of the cupboard you can clean them using the best products to get the very best results and restore the sparkle! 

A 4396s5 Destainer 20 Kg


Tanning Stain Remover

DESTAINER is a blend of non-caustic alkalis; sequestrants, detergents and oxidants formulated for the removal of tannin and food stains. Generally used for the periodic removal of the build-up of stains not removed by everyday washing, DESTAINER is safe for use on all crockery, Melamine, plastic ware, stainless steel and chrome. Care should be taken with aluminium or zinc and their alloys as these may be stained.

Stains on Fabric

cleaning food stain on cloth

Imagine walking into a restaurant and you see a huge food stain on the carpet, how would you feel about it as a customer? Although you might tell yourself that it does not look new, you will still be repelled by it and might be willing to stay any longer. That’s exactly how your customers feel about the stains they witness anywhere in the dining area. They are, in fact, more disgusted by stains when the stains are in their field of vision when they are eating. 


Fabric upholstered dining chairs, table cloths, and carpets, more often than not, form feature pieces of the dining area. Maintaining their appearance is an essential part of keeping your restaurant looking good. As with any high-quality item of furniture, a certain amount of care and preservation is needed in order to conserve your fabric dining chairs in optimum condition. Having said that, using your furniture will inevitably suffer from wear and tear and at some point, a spillage is highly likely. This is why you should invest in a quality stain remover that will not only remove the stains but revive the look and feel of these pieces back to their original condition. 

Stain Remover Water SPOTKLEEN 1


Water-Based Carpet Stain Remover - Water stains

SPOTKLEEN 1 effectively removes spots and stains caused by
mud, alcoholic beverages, milk, coffee stains, soft drinks, washable
ink, pet mistakes, and other water-based spills.

Disinfectant Dispenser

Another challenge to the restaurant and hospitality industry is the fact that the consumer confidence index is dropping, which means that many people don’t feel comfortable eating at restaurants. And when patrons do not feel comfortable, they naturally do not return to those businesses. By focusing on providing a safe, clean dining experience, restaurants can address those guests who don’t feel comfortable eating outside their homes. Fortunately, if those hesitant patrons notice that you have ORAPI hand disinfection dispensers, they’ll know you are committed to making sure germs aren’t being spread throughout your restaurant.


Organic Moisturizer Hand Disinfection Cream

The Hydroalcoholic Hand Cream is a unique organic 2-in-1 product –formulated as a disinfectant and a moisturising hand cream. It also comes with 2 fragrances – White Musk Bamboo and  Monoi Jasmin.

Cloudy Window Panes

Every business needs to present itself professionally to gain the trust of its customers. Unkempt window panes automatically reduce confidence in how the establishment does business, and cleanliness is more important in the food service industry than in any other. Any signs of poor cleanliness make customers less willing to trust the quality of the food preparation.

Every business needs to present itself professionally to gain the trust of its customers. Unkempt window panes automatically reduce confidence in how the establishment does business, and cleanliness is more important in the food service industry than in any other. Any signs of poor cleanliness make customers less willing to trust the quality of the food preparation.

Cloudy window panel caused by dirt and build-ups

Want to know which products to use to keep your vista free of streaks and stains? Read the article “Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows” to get a summarised list of products you can use to avoid unsightly streaks on your window screens


Slippery Floors

Dining areas are notoriously slippery in restaurants due to the grease build-up. Daily routines that are designed to combat this condition are often created with good intentions but implemented in a way that can leave you with a slip hazard on your hands. It wouldn’t take more than one customer slip and fall for your restaurant to be infamously known as the ‘the restaurant with slippery floors’; with that, you can bid farewell to plans of laying good impressions on your customers. However, ridding the floors of grease and grime at least twice a day—once in the morning and once at night—will not only help increase the floor friction but also keep your floors looking as good as new!

A 3150j1 Mighty 5l


Multi-purpose cleaner

MIGHTY is a concentrated all-purpose neutral detergent suitable for general cleaning, with specific applications in hand washing. It also leaves a fresh lemon scent on surfaces!


The first impression a brick-and-mortar business makes with its customers is directly related to the appearance of the dining area and its facilities. It does not matter whether you run a small cafe or a big restaurant chain; customers will take these things into consideration, no matter their initial reason for their visit. But if you thoroughly clean all the areas mentioned above with the right products and the right frequency, you can impress your customers by providing an ambient dining experience!

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