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Food Preparation Essentials: Choosing The Best Fresh Produce Sanitiser and Cleaner

Food Preparation Essentials

Essentials Products For Food Preparation

The preparation of food is an essential part of any major commercial kitchen of a restaurant or cafe. There is no point in taking food preparation areas lightly, as any wrong move can result in food poisoning, which will force your cafe or restaurant to close down due to improper hygiene. Therefore, we provide you with a complete list of products for your food preparation area.

Surface Cleaner

Another food preparation essential cleaning product that you must have for your commercial kitchen cleaner is a multi-purpose, NSF, and halal-certified surface cleaner. In addition to being safe for use on food surfaces, it can also be used on a variety of surfaces, which saves you money by not having to buy multiple cleaners to handle different tasks. Even though we have a multitude of products to cater to the different applications in the kitchen (consult our expert if you need cleaning solutions only for certain applications here), we recommend DISAKLEEN as it has multi-purpose features that also be used to clean kitchen equipment, super effective against food residue and also has disinfectant properties that eliminate virues. More information of the commercial kitchen cleaner below.

DISAKLEEN is a neutral concentrated detergent & disinfectant, developed for surface cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. It also is formulated with a blend of foaming detergents, sequestrants and quaternary ammonium compounds specially selected to be highly effective against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms including Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria & yeasts, and enveloped viruses**.

Cleaning the food preparation surface is very important, especially for meat and seafood. As it removes foodborne bacteria that will cause food poisoning illness to your customers. Foodborne bacteria like Campylobacter and Salmonella can survive in your kitchen for up to four hours and 32 hours, respectively (both can be found on raw poultry).

Personal Hygiene

First on the list is your employee’s personal hygiene. It’s the number one cause for food poisoning and the easiest to maintain as well. For use in a commercial kitchen or cafe, we recommend Sanisoft – Antibacterial Hand Soap as it is safe to be used frequently and quickly removes oils and grease and not to mention it is also halal approve. More information about this product can be found below.

SANISOFT is a smooth antibacterial hand-washing lotion, especially designed for frequent use applications where strict personal hygiene is required. SANISOFT has the ability to remove fatty and proteinacious soils whilst leaving hands clean and feeling soft throughout the day.

Fruit and Vegatable Sanitiser Cleaner

When most people think of food poisoning, they think of seafood and meat that is not properly cleaned and sanitized. Little do they know that some other big offenders may slip under the radar such as fresh fruit and vegetables that are served raw in salads, coleslaws, desserts, and garnishes can pose a problem as they can be exposed to harmful bacteria from soil or post-pesticide residue. Use the following products on fruit and vegetables to minimise microorganisms present in them to greatly reduce exposure risk.

CHLORSAN 150 is a bactericidal and yeasticidal effervescent chlorine release tablet, effective against all micro-organisms often found in food environments – vegetables and fruits and the healthcare industry: Lysteria, S. aureus, E. Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Aspergillus brasiliensis, candida albicans etc. it also provides a long-lasting safe and stable form of chlorine.

OPAL is a chlorinated antimicrobial sanitiser, excellent for sanitising raw fruits and vegetables during the washing or peeling process. It reduces 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms (E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria…), insects and other dirt from fruits and vegetables. OPAL is also used as a cleaner & sanitizer for food contact surfaces and equipment in the Food Processing Industries.

Halal Purifying Cleaner

Globally, the demand for halal certification is growing, requiring all processes leading up to packaging, handling, storage, transportation, and distribution to comply with halal requirements. Halal foods have to be careful prepared and be reconsidered if najis have contaminated the ingredient or food preparation area. In order to clean severe najis, Islam requires proper hygiene by using soil or clay and water mixed 7 times for one day. It is necessary to modify the traditional practice of using any soil or clay at any concentration level for industrial applications. It is necessary to develop specific samak soil and clay standards for industrial applications so that halal requirements can be met and equipment specifications can be met. Furthermore, it must comply with regulations and guidelines regarding the safety and quality of products manufactured. This is why we produce an industrial standard samak clay that meets all of the specifications listed above. Below is detail specification of our samak clay.

SCARAB is used for purifying and cleansing surfaces and equipment in food processing plants and F&B outlets. SCARAB is particularly recommended for cleaning dishes, glasses and kitchen wares in industrial dishwashing machines. SCARAB may be used for purifying skin and body.

As clay minerals have a high specific area and absorption capacity, they can also be used therapeutically for health purposes in pharmaceutical formulations, especially cosmetics and dermatological protectors for topically applied applications. Because of its cation exchange capacity, cooling index, and ability to clean, moisturize, and combat compact lipodystrophies, acne, and cellulite, it is commonly used in aesthetic medicine. Read more why hygiene and cleaning products need to be halal here. 

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