At ORAPI, the environment is an essential component of living our core values. Through our brands, technologies and services, we work to meet the needs of people today without compromising the development opportunities of future generations. This principle applies to all our operations and throughout our entire value chain from raw materials, production and logistics to the use and disposal of our products.


Our environmental management policy (QSE) supported by ISO 14001, monitors delivering continual improvement of all environmental aspects of our processes and plants in terms of material and energy and water consumption, waste and emissions, and ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation. Our Environment Committee brings focus and awareness to major improvement programs which have a significant impact on our company as well as our surroundings.

Environmental responsibility and accountability are assigned at all levels within ORAPI’s organization. We are innovating continually to establish global initiatives to minimize the environmental impact on the planet.

  • Awareness program: The environment committee actively train and raise awareness of employees on environmental impact of actions.
  • Waste Management: All production faculties follow directives relating to the disposal and recovery of water, lubricants and chemical products.
  • Waste Recovery: All packaging use in the manufacturing process are collected by license waste contractor and recycled.
  • Waste Recycling: Ink cartridges and tonners are collected and recycled by suppliers.
  • Conserve resources: Employees are encouraged to recycle paper in the offices (printing “draft” sheets on both sides, using eco-certified PEFC papers).
  • Spill prevention: containment and retention system are in place in all plants and processes to limit environmental incidents.


Our R&D teams work behind the scene to deliver the best products and services while reducing our footprint:

  • Eco-responsible Marketing: Our products are packaged in bottles and containers which are highly recyclable materials: HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate).
  • Responsible chemistry: Our laboratories formulate products with raw materials of natural origin and seek plant-based alternatives to chemical molecules.
  • Biotechnology Development: Our teams develop new technology cleaners combining: high concentration, long lasting performance, safety for the users, versatility, packaging reduction, with less environmental impact, and reduced cost per use.
  • Eco-designed Packaging Strategy: Our teams develop concentrated and pre-measured formulas in order to reduce the volume of containers and packaging material requirement.
  • Transportation initiative: From manufacturing to delivery, we take action to support eco-friendly modes of transportation and optimize travel to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Servicing initiative: We develop connected dispensing systems for laundry and warewash operation, which allow remoted maintenance and significantly reduce travel CO2 emissions. The systems enable to track the consumption and help reducing clients operating cost.


As a creative force interacting with the environment ORAPI helps to preserve, improve and protect the environment and natural resources for long term through the constant promotion of new behaviors between all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers).

ORAPI ensures responsible behaviour towards SOCIETY & NATURE

“ORAPI is committed to deliver a sustainable future for everyone”