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As one of the most complete kitchen cleaning supplier, our commercial kitchen hygiene solution covers a magnitude of kitchen applications Each detergent, cleaner, and cleaning chemical is specially formulated to deal with each demanding task effectively and efficiently, allowing you to save money and time by only using the chemical when needed. Here is the list of applications and kitchen supplies that you would need for your kitchen areas:

Floors, tables, walls, glass walls, cabinets, polish, cream cleaner, surface degreaser

Food safe cleaner, vegetable cleaner, samak clay, hand sanitiser, meat deodoriser and cleaner

Manual dishwasher, automatic dishwasher, dishwasher descaler, rinse aid, destainer

oven and grill cleaner - commercial kitchen cleaning supplies

Line & Equipments Maintenance

Descaler, grill and oven cleaner, alkaline foam cleaner, heavy duty degreaser and cleaner, drain cleaner and renovator, chemical mixer



To protect your company image and elevate your customer experience, the areas that customers spend the most such as the dining area, bar area, lobby, and reception require more than your regular cleaning and maintenance, it also needs time-effective and cost-effective products to aid your employees. Our products doesn’t just include the kitchen cleaning supplies but also include the dining/ bar area   Here are some maintenance cleaning supplies that you need:

restaurant dining area - dining cleaning supplies

Anti-slip floor cleaner, table cleaner, chair cleaner, carpet cleaner stain remover, disinfectant, furniture cleaner and polish

bar tap cleaning

Bar Tap Line Cleaning

steel polish, steel cleaner, deodoriser, drain cleaner, glassware cleaner and polish

cafe decor cleaning

Decor and Wall Maintenance

Steel polish, cream polish, glass cleaner and polish, wall cleaner and polish, decor polish, mirror cleaner and polish, window cleaner

Hand soap, hand sanitiser

Providing our hygiene expertise

Orapi helps you drive peak performance with our cost-effective hygiene commercial kitchen cleaning supplies and solutions. We deliver outcomes that elevate guest satisfaction, reputation protection, and optimized restaurant operations efficiency.

You can consider our experts as an extension of your team. In addition to providing on-site guidance for food safety and compliance, they provide actionable insights to improve service and training.

With Orapi, you’ll have the resources and confidence you need for all foodservice operations, including back-of-house, and front-of-house of restaurants/ cafes and ghost/ clock kitchens. Start optimising your commercial kitchen operation with our consultant. Our consultant will evaluate your situation and recommend you the action plan you need to maximize your kitchen hygiene’s efficiency and it’s effectiveness.


Hygiene Cleaning Chemicals

Industry-leading chemistry and high-performance commericial kitchen cleaning supplies and disinfection solutions

Food Safety Expertise

Food safety audits and regulation expertise to help maintain your hygiene and safety standard.

Foodservice Care Solutions

Our foodservice care solutions that reduce operation inefficiency and weariness of your commercial kitchens equipment — saving time, water and energy

IOTs of Hygiene Performance

IOT (internet of things) is digital platform which remotely monitors equipment, machines, and operations through sensor generated data. It help improve productivity and efficiency of your establishment.

Providing Worry-Free Food Grade Certified for your Establishment

Our commercial kitchen cleaning products go through meticulous examinations and comprehensive testing. Our commercial kitchen cleaning supplies must pass all examinations and testing before they are rewarded with the NSF stamp of approval. Through NSF certification, our products assure to:

  • maintain a high standard of disinfection of food-borne pathogens.
  • do away with harmful chemicals like lead or arsenic so that won’t be found in your food or drink.
  • use ingredients or chemicals that is compliance with government regulations.


Providing Halal Certified Product for Muslim Friendly Establishment

Our commercial kitchen cleaning products strictly adhere to the Islamic sharia laws for the whole production process. This starts from raw materials purchasing, and raw materials testing upon receiving and manufacturing. ORAPI manufactures, stores and delivers a dedicated Halal range that has been certified by both the Islamic bodies in Singapore and Malaysia (MUIS, JAKIM). In addition, ORAPI has developed a Halal Assurance Points (HAPs) procedures to ensure that the produced meet the Halal Certification and Safety. Orapi has also set-up a Halal Committee to be responsible for all matters pertaining to Halal certification. Our committee members have relevant knowledge and expertise to maintain an effective and strict Halal scheme.

Need more dining cleaning supplies?

In ORAPI, we make sure our customers make the most cost-effective decision when it comes to their purchases of commercial kitchen cleaning supplies. Therefore, we provide you with many resource that meets your need in the link below.

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