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With more than 50+ years in the industry and widely recognised and used by over 300+  companies around Singapore. We provide a comprehensive range of consumables and supplies for Singapore’s commercial cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection that fit your needs in order to keep your business hygienic and top form and achieve peace of mind and credible performance.


A variety of surface cleaners available comes in ready-to-use packaging and concentrated tube and bottles. This includes all-purpose and general-purpose cleaners, glass, windows & chandelier cleaners, food-safe cleaners, foam cleaners, polish cleaners. We have some of the best performing cleaning products in SG.

Floors, tiles and carpets require a specialised chemical for it to be safe and easy to use as they cover a lot of space. This include anti-slip floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, tiles cleaner, floor renovator, floor surface treatment, floor stripper, floor and tiles polish.

Personal hygiene is essential in today’s age ever since the outbreak. The varieties of personal hygiene products we offer are unmatched. This includes hydroalcoholic hand cream, hand soap, hand sanitiser, hydroalcoholic gel, hand and body wash, hand disinfection cleaner

A comprehensive selection of fragrances and deodoriser to meet your application requirement and environment. This includes hospital-grade disinfectant & deodorant, ULV atomist cold fogger, gel odor eliminator, highly concentrated malodour counteractant