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With more than 50+ years in the industry and widely recognised and used by over 300+  companies around Singapore. We provide a comprehensive range of consumables and supplies for Singapore’s commercial cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection that fit your needs in order to keep your business hygienic and top form and achieve peace of mind and credible performance.


A variety of surface cleaners available comes in ready-to-use packaging and concentrated tube and bottles. This includes all-purpose and general-purpose cleaners, glass, windows & chandelier cleaners, food-safe cleaners, foam cleaners, polish cleaners. We have some of the best performing cleaning products in SG.

Floors, tiles and carpets require a specialised chemical for it to be safe and easy to use as they cover a lot of space. This include anti-slip floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, tiles cleaner, floor renovator, floor surface treatment, floor stripper, floor and tiles polish.

Personal hygiene is essential in today’s age ever since the outbreak. The varieties of personal hygiene products we offer are unmatched. This includes hydroalcoholic hand cream, hand soap, hand sanitiser, hydroalcoholic gel, hand and body wash, hand disinfection cleaner

A comprehensive selection of fragrances and deodoriser to meet your application requirement and environment. This includes hospital-grade disinfectant & deodorant, ULV atomist cold fogger, gel odor eliminator, highly concentrated malodour counteractant

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In terms of hygiene cleaning products, we offer a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of most applications. And some application is very exclusive to ORAPI, you can't get it anywhere else.

Variety of kitchen cleaning and maintenance products to fit any application that you might need. In Singapore’s multicultural kitchens, we strive to meet the needs of every customer. With this, you will no longer have to rely on other SG suppliers to provide comprehensive kitchen cleaning solutions.

Due to Singapore’s adherence to high levels of food safety, we take food safety as an important requirement as one of our criteria for ensuring your food safety. The products undergo meticulous audits and comprehensive testing on a regular basis to be rewarded with NSF certification.

We are one of the few companies that provides halal-certified cleaning products in Singapore as well as the rest of the world. Halal-certified cleaning products are sometimes required, and we offer all-inclusive halal cleaning products for most applications in kitchens and food processing/manufacturing. We ensure that our halal products can be as good as or even better than non-halal ones, so don’t worry if you think they aren’t as good as their non-halal counterparts.

We have some of the best commercial laundry detergents in Singapore, SG. To get the best out of your commercial washing machine, you also need to use the right laundry chemicals and detergents. There can be a lot of variables to consider when determining what is best for your laundry, including both the type of material you wash and your washing machine. Worry no more, we provide any type of laundry you need.

Our equipment maintenance and cleaning products are designed to ensure smooth and safe operation. It helps reduce the amount of maintenance due to our specialised formulated coating. These cleaning products are also fast-reacting and easy to use to enable you to maximise your productivity.

Food processing and manufacturing take hygiene very seriously. Regular hygiene audits are conducted in food processing and manufacturing in SG, hence the cleaning hygiene products have to be up to high standard. Our high-quality standard products will make your place audit-ready at anytime due the potency of our product to get that great result.

Compared to adults, children get sick more easily and do not practice proper hygiene. When sick children get sick, other healthy children also fall lill, creating an endless cycle. However, you can keep the surface clean and reduce the risk of contamination. This makes it utterly critical to maintaining high standards of personal hygiene, especially if you are particular about minimizing the risk of infectious diseases such as HFMD or Covid-19.

Business owners understand how significant it is to present a positive image to clients and visitors. Having a clean toilet at your premises is a great way to do that. Compared to regular toilet cleaners, professional commercial toilet cleaning chemicals possess the properties and abilities to get your toilets much cleaner and more efficient in a short amount of time. This will also reduce your manpower needed and reduce the cost of operation.

Ensure your employees have fast-reacting and easy-to-use cleaning products that will help them work faster and more effectively. As a result, visitors will have a better overall experience as there will be less waiting time for check-ins, a cleaner interior, a more pleasant smell, and clean rooms. Our hospitality and hotel cleaning products are unparalleled, covering a wide range of applications to meet your needs.

In an in-flight catering environment, it requires a different kind of hygiene product. Each cleaning product will have to undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety when used in an airplane while in the air. Due to the space constraints, it is also necessary that the hygiene product be fast-reacting and odourless. Hence, all of our in-flight cleaning products have been tested and certified to meet these requirements.

In Singapore, particularly due to accelerated inflation, a lot of F&B establishments are struggling to balance out their costs while still generating enough revenue. As such, we handpick the most economical and cost-saving cleaning products for your everyday operation without sacrificing quality.

For more than 40 years, airline companies trust ORAPI to ensure the cleanliness and reliability of their fleet. Our comprehensive portfolio provides solutions for the cleaning, and disinfection of all exterior and interior aircraft surfaces, maintenance of components, lavatory odor treatment and engines as well as ground handling equipment. Our high quality and manufacturing standards are continually endorsed by major O.E.M. corporations (Goodrich, Boeing, Allied Signal, Honeywell, G.E., Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, etc), and our product is tested according to aeronautic standards – ASNA, AIMS, AMS and BOEING D6.

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Product Overview

ERGASPRAY SR+ is a ready to use alcohol based disinfectant with fast drying action. ERGASPRAY SR+ is designed to be used on all surfaces, materials prone to corrosion (aluminum, galvanized alloys, rubber, polyamides) and equipment

Product Specification

A variety of surface cleaners available comes in ready-to-use packaging and concentrated tube and bottles. This includes all-purpose and general purpose cleaners, glass, windows & chandelier cleaners, food safe cleaners, foam cleaner, polish cleaners.

A variety of surface cleaners available comes in ready-to-use packaging and concentrated tube and bottles. This includes all-purpose and general purpose cleaners, glass, windows & chandelier cleaners, food safe cleaners, foam cleaner, polish cleaners.


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