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CHEMICAL Dishwasher

The chemical dishwasher that offers the best in power and convenience for restaurants, catering, hotels and etc. The most common problem faced by users when using is when the chemical dispenser gets stuck in the tube and wouldn't disperse into the machine. 


In this video, we shall show you how to purge airlock commonly occurs in chemical suction tubing that results in uncleaned and wet equipment after washing.

Airlock normally occurs when chemical carboys are either empty or not replaced on time. If the airlock is not purged on time, wash results will suffer resulting in loss of precious time and resources; This can be resolve by:

  1. Press the “Prime Button” either on the Detergent or Rinse Button continuously on the dispenser console.

  2. Wait until the chemical is seen pumping up in the airlocked chemical tubing.

  3. Cleaning will resume after the chemical is dispensed into the machine.

Once the airlock is purged then the dispenser will continue to operate efficiently and leave you with cleaned and dry equipment after every wash.

If the chemical is still stuck after you have troubleshoot, please request our technician support below.


LIMEX is a concentrated low foaming liquid, a blend of organic acids and corrosion inhibitors designed for the effective removal of rust, lime and calcium deposits from iron, steel or stainless steel parts.

REBOUND is a chlorinated low foaming liquid designed for dishwashing machines. REBOUND provides outstanding economy and performance to tackle the toughest proteins, starches and stubborn grime on dishes, glasses and cutleries.

VANISH is a low foam rinse additive aid and drying agent to be added at the final rinse cycle stages in all types of commercial dishwashing machines. VANISH will prevent water spots, improve drying time and assist in foam control in multistage dish machines.