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Dishwasher Descaler

LIMEX – best solution for maintaining your professional kitchen. Take care of any rust, lime and calcium deposits in your commercial ovens.

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Quick Wrap Repair Bandage

Maintenance Repair Bandage

Fast Curing Repair Bandage Features at a glance: Quick Wrap allows on the spot repairs to metal, plastic, concrete or asbestos pipes, tubes, rods, stanchions etc. Advanced water activated polyurethane resin. Quick Wrap sets in under 10 minutes and is water / fluid compatible. Knitted aramid fibre composition. Quick Wrap stretches around joints, fittings and elbows. No mixing or measuring. Quick Wrap is ready for use after soaking in room temperature water for just 10 seconds. Quick Wrap is safe

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Biodegradable Degreaser

Pronatur Orange Solvent is a unique solvent cleaner and degreaser formulated from derivatives of orange oils and synthesised mineral oil. It replaces chlorinated, paraffinic and flammable solvents in most applications thus offering a safer alternative for effective degreasing.

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