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Importance of Separating Coloured and White Fabrics in Laundry

Importance of Separating Coloured and White Fabrics

Laundry day often involves an array of tasks, from sorting through piles of clothes to deciphering the intricate symbols on garment labels. One common practice that has stood the test of time is separating colored and white clothing. As we stand before our washing machines, deliberating over the meticulous arrangement of garments, a fundamental question arises: should you separate laundry by colour (especially dark-coloured clothing)? Is it merely an old wives’ tale or a practice rooted in practicality? In this

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how to clean bathroom exhaust fans step by step guide

How to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathroom exhaust fans are a crucial component of a commercial restroom’s ventilation system, which helps maintain indoor air quality, minimise health risks, and reduce the likelihood of fire accidents. However, if not properly maintained, these fans can accumulate dust and debris, causing airflow to be restricted, resulting in health issues for bathroom users and unpleasant odours in the bathroom. In this guide, we will explain how to properly clean bathroom exhaust fans in commercial settings to reduce the risks mentioned,

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the importance of food safety certification

The Importance of Food Safety Certification

It is up to food and beverage manufacturers and food service operators to determine the safety of a cleaning product for use in processing, handling, or cooking environments. This burdens the cleaning product manufacturer to provide strong assurances of their products’ safety for their intended purposes, especially for food safety certification. This can become challenging and levy some additional responsibilities. To address this challenge, the most efficient and effective way to demonstrate the suitability of cleaning products is to register

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the ultimate office cleaning supplies checklist

The Ultimate Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Keeping an office clean and tidy is a top priority for every office manager. A clean and hygienic workplace not only enhances the appearance of the office but also ensures the health and safety of employees. However, with the multitude of cleaning supplies available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which products are necessary to maintain a clean and healthy workplace environment. Fear not, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of commercial office cleaning supplies that

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Different Types of Lubricants and Their Applications

Different Types of Lubricants and their Applications

In general, lubricants are primarily used to decrease friction between two surfaces; however, it is essential to note that each lubricant has unique properties. Although lubrication may seem straightforward, it is still crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the different types of lubricants and their applications. This ensures that the appropriate lubricant is always used for the intended application, which can reduce machine downtime and failures. To begin with, lubricants can be categorised into four main types: oil, grease,

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Foam or Liquid Detergents Pros and Cons

Foam or Liquid Detergents: Pros and Cons

The ongoing debate between food processing units on foam or liquid detergents as the best cleaning solution has been a hot topic for a while. While some advocate for traditional liquid cleaners, others prefer the foaming alternative. But the wait is over! Today, we will finally put an end to this controversy by examining the strengths and weaknesses of each option. So, whether you are a fan of the old-but-gold liquid cleaners or are intrigued by the foaming alternative, this

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the ultimate childcare centre cleaning supplies checklist

Childcare Centre Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in childcare facilities is more important than ever, which makes it equally important to have the right childcare centre cleaning supplies. And as our little ones make their return to these centres, we want to make sure they are in a safe and healthy environment.    Childcare centres are a bustling hub of activity, with germs lurking at every turn. From changing spaces and high chairs to food prep and isolation areas, the potential

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understanding the basics of cleaning in place cip

Understanding the Basics of the Cleaning in Place Process: PART 1

Clean in Place (CIP) is revolutionising the way equipment is cleaned in the food and beverage industry. The process allows for efficient cleaning of the interior surfaces of pipes, tanks, fillers, and other equipment without the need for disassembly. This means that operations can continue uninterrupted, saving both time and money. The magic of CIP lies in its use of turbulent flow and spray balls to reach every nook and cranny of the equipment being cleaned. The process begins with

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Predictive Maintenance: The Future of Aviation

It is no big news that many industries significantly downsized during the pandemic. However, as the world attempts to recover fully to normal, the aviation industry is facing one of the biggest challenges in finding a replacement for workers retrenched during the pandemic.  Skilled engineering personnel are particularly in short supply, as many have left for other sectors. Though many other manufacturers, aftermarket providers, and airlines encountered the same acute problem last year, it can be ameliorated to a certain

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Commercial Surface Cleaner Types Choosing for Your Needs-01

Commercial Surface Cleaners: Choosing for Your Needs

First, let’s start by defining what commercial surface cleaners actually are: surface cleaners are cleaning products specifically formulated to clean and remove dirt, grime, stains, and other types of soiling from various surfaces. These cleaners are designed to be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as countertops, floors, walls, glass, metal, plastics, and so forth. They can come in a variety of forms such as liquids, sprays, gels, and powders, and are used with a variety of application

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