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Transport Bus Cleaning Range List Guide

With the Covid-19 Omicron surge showing its signs, a bus service provider has a crucial part to play in keeping it at bay. They must ensure that their fleet of buses is consistently maintained at a high level, whether it’s cleaning using a jet of water, chemical inducing processes, or disinfectant. With the magnitude of cleaning products out there, the bus cleaning providers are overwhelmed with the choices they have to make. Each cleaning products have different properties and use case scenarios. 
Hence, in Orapi, we serve to keep our customers informed with the best solutions for their needs. Thus, we come up with a Bus Cleaning Range List Guide. The purpose of having this list is to help those who are struggling to understand which cleaning products to use for their buses.

The guide is sectioned into 3 parts; Exterior Cleaning, Interior Cleaning, and Vehicle Preparation.

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior cleaning of the bus is a significant part of making the organisation look good as buses are like big walking billboards on the road where it is easily seen by passersby and other drivers. So it’s is important to paint a good impression for everyone who sees it. However not many know, that cleaning the exterior of the bus takes more attention than it seem to appear. For example, not all cleaning products can use to clean the exterior, chemicals that could cause oxidation should be avoided as it can remove paint especially if the bus is old. Hence, we provide cleaning chemicals that are specifically made from chemicals formulated to effectively remove dirt and dust-based soils only. Here are cleaning products used for exterior cleaning:

Interior Cleaning

Professional bus cleaning should include the interior of the bus as significant importance as the exterior of the bus. Interior bus cleaning encompasses basic upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, interior glass cleaning, curtain cleaning, wiping down the driver’s steering wheel and dashboard, toilets areas (only for those coaches equipped with toilet) and clearing away the trash onboard. Her are products are used for exterior cleaning:


Vehicle preparation include the engine overhauling, cleaner flooring and maintenance parts. Here are the products for vehicle preparation:


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