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Reevaluating the Effectiveness of “Disinfectant” on Surfaces

“Disinfectant” is a common words a lot of companies use to promote their products against Covid-19 nowadays. While their claim is maybe partially true that their product provides virus protection or removal, most are not recognised by National Environment Agency (NEA) as their product are not tested with the appropriate concentrations of active ingredients that are effective against Covid-19. For those who are unaware of what NEA is, NEA is the leading public organisation responsible for ensuring safe environment standards

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Aviation Cleaning Application Essentials Guide

As air travel is recovering since the pandemic, the impact on airline MRO budgets has been greatly affected. To reduce the economic impact of the pandemic, airline and MRO companies need to think of a way to stop wasteful expenditure on ineffective cleaning products or wastage. It is projected that global airline revenue for 2022 will reach $432 billion in the baseline recovery scenario, representing 65% of 2019’s revenue. And by the end of the year, global air travel demand

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A Chemical Cleaning Introduction – Choosing The Right Cleaner

Cleaning chemicals have always been our forte. However, not all cleaning chemicals are created the same. Though some needed more than just cleaning chemicals, that’s where ‘chemicals cleaning’ comes in. Keep reading to know the processes and the products you’ll need to perform a thorough ‘chemical cleaning’. Be sure to read our other articles as well. Also read:Transport Bus Cleaning Range List GuideCare Home HygieneSome Key Considerations for Disinfectant Standards (European Norms Standard (EN 14476) – S) Introduction of Chemical

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Transport Bus Cleaning Range List Guide

With the surge of Covid-19 Omicron, a bus service provider has a crucial part to play in keeping it at bay. They must ensure that their fleet of buses is consistently maintained at a high level, whether cleaned using a water jet, chemical processes, or disinfectant. With the magnitude of cleaning products out there, the bus cleaning providers might feel overwhelmed with the options they have at hand. Each cleaning product has different properties and uses case scenarios.   Hence, at ORAPI, we

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Care Home Hygiene

Having visitors is a central part of care home life, as it is a crucial part of maintaining the health and well being of the residents. Welcoming anyone into a care home will inevitably bring a risk of COVID-19 transmission, this is why care home hygiene is such an important consideration during this time. The risks involved can be managed and mitigated with the correct products and protocols in place and this should be balanced against the benefit and importance

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European Norms Standard (EN 14476) – Some key considerations for disinfectant standards

During these times, when hygiene and disinfectant standards are more important than ever, considering what products to use and the standards they are held to is an important consideration. Making sure that products are effective for their intended use, will allow you to ensure a safe environment as much as is possible. Throughout Europe, the European Norms (EN) is considered the ‘gold standard’ for testing disinfectants. While the UK has left the EU, this will still most likely be the

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Dishwasher Descaler

LIMEX – best solution for maintaining your professional kitchen. Take care of any rust, lime and calcium deposits in your commercial ovens.

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Quick Wrap Repair Bandage

Maintenance Repair Bandage

Fast Curing Repair Bandage Features at a glance: Product Sizes 50mm x 1.5m Suitable for pipes up to 45mm external diameter. 50mm x 3.6m Suitable for pipes up to 75mm external diameter. 75mm x 3.6m Suitable for pipes up to 75mm external diameter. 100mm x 3.6m Suitable for pipes up to 100mm external diameter.

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Notice About Counterfeit Product: Noviruclean RTU 1/30 (A-3471)

We have recently learned of counterfeit NOVIRUCLEAN RTU 1/30 (A-3471) – Disinfectant Cleaner and Deodorant. These illegal counterfeits falsely claim to be made by ORAPI and fall short of ORAPI quality standards. These counterfeits are sold by unauthorized distributors and resellers in Malaysia. ORAPI vigorously protects its intellectual property. While these counterfeit products bear the same NOVIRUCLEAN name and ORAPI logo, the content are of dubious quality, fail to meet safety regulations and do not conform to aviation guidelines. Please

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