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Aviation Cleaning Application Essentials Guide

As air travel is recovering since the pandemic, the impact on airline MRO budgets has been greatly affected. To reduce the economic impact of the pandemic, airline and MRO companies need to think of a way to stop wasteful expenditure on ineffective cleaning products or wastage.

It is projected that global airline revenue for 2022 will reach $432 billion in the baseline recovery scenario, representing 65% of 2019’s revenue. And by the end of the year, global air travel demand could recover up to 84% of 2019 levels in the baseline scenario, especially in intraregional travel within Europe and North America during the spring and summer (source). In Asia, these numbers are not as high due to additional restrictions and regulations. However, air traffic has been slowly gaining momentum, with more vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) being established, giving growing numbers of travellers the confidence to fly more frequently with fewer hassles. Accordingly, airline and MRO companies should expect the air passenger number to recover very soon and should gear up for the upcoming months (source).

We created a guide to help airline and MRO companies maximise the benefits of their purchases of cleaning and maintenance products. Here is our aeroplane cleaning range infographic guide (information is taken from our exclusive Airplane Cleaning Application Essential Guide, click here to download)


The aircraft cabin is one of the important aspects of air travel. It either breaks or enhances the flying experience of the flyer. Hence cleanliness and orderliness of the aeroplane cabin have to take top priority in the plane’s maintenance. Even though aircraft cabin cleaning might seem similar to regular cleaning, it’s not.

Aircraft cabin cleaning is a unique type of cleaning work defined by the number of activities that take place in a tight space. Therefore, several factors, such as maximisation of carrying capacities, passengers’ comfort, and the tight work schedule, must be considered.

The products required to clean such spaces must be fast reacting, easy to store and access, and fragrant. It’s all about making the best impression on the flyers. Aircraft cleaning products also need to meet certain requirements to ensure the safety of the passengers and the employees. For example, if the products are flammable, they can cause a major fire hazard in the plane. Here are the ideal cleaning products for aircraft cabin cleaning:

GLASS ACT is ammonia free non-streaking mirror and window cleaner. GLASS ACT penetrates quickly to lift and dissolve dirt deposits, weather and smokes films, oily stains, insect remains, smudges and fingerprints from glass and glazed surfaces.

RELION is a premium quality polishing cleaner which will give an outstanding shine to hard surfaces in aircrafts interiors such as the seating areas, monitor screen console, flip out table. RELION has a delicate fragrance making it pleasant to use and ideal for those areas in which it is vital to give a good

NOVIRUCLEAN is an ultra-broad spectrum Bactericidal, Yeasticidal and Viricidal spray & wipe disinfectant cleaner, that is effective against the most common disease-causing organisms often found in public transports, public areas and hospitals ie:, Flu, influenza A, H1N1, SARS, MERS, Coronavirus. NOVIRUCLEAN effectively cleans, deodorizes and disinfects all hard surfaces reducing contamination by bacteria, yeast and Virus impression.

KLEENZYME (f.k.a. BIOCLEAN 2000) is a technically advanced combination of micro organisms and soil destroying enzymes with penetrants and surfactants that produce the ultimate safe cleaner and deodorizer for all surfaces. KLEENZYME breaks down odour causing organic matter instead of just masking it like what many air fresheners are designed for. Ideal toilet cleaning and vomit cleaning.

SUNSHINE is premium multi-purpose neutral detergent formulated to clean all water washable surfaces in aircraft cabin interiors. SUNSHINE is a versatile product which may be used as an economical solution for interior aircraft washing.


Every aeroplane must implement efficient and cost-effective waste management practices, which may present many challenges. However, there is a wide range of sustainable practices that can make the waste management process at airports more economical and better for the environment. Furthermore, successful aeroplane waste management implementation can positively impact travellers, authorities, and the surrounding communities at large. Here are the essential cleaning products that you need for managing waste line treatment and maintenance:

VACTREAT a thickened cleaner, blend of proprietary surfactants, sulphamic acid and biocides formulated to prevent the build-up of soil deposits in vacuum and recirculating toilet systems. VACTREAT is highly effective to remove accumulated hard-water scale, organic waste materials and gummy deposits from pipes, pump equipment, toilet bowls and lavatory holding tanks. VACTREAT is the ideal maintenance treatment which effectively reduces the risk of blockages.

NOVIRUCLEAN is an ultra-broad spectrum Bactericidal, Yeasticidal and Viricidal spray & wipe disinfectant cleaner, that is effective against the most common disease-causing organisms often found in public transports, public areas and hospitals ie:, Flu, influenza A, H1N1, SARS, MERS, Coronavirus. NOVIRUCLEAN effectively cleans, deodorizes and disinfects all hard surfaces reducing contamination by bacteria, yeast and Virus impression.

NOVIRUSAC GEL is a blue gel packed in water-soluble sachet, designed for effective cleaning, odour control and disinfection of toilet systems. NOVIRUSAC GEL produces a pleasantly perfumed viricidal/ bactericidal action when added to toilets systems.


Aircraft exterior cleaning, also known as aircraft exterior detailing service, involves restoring the original condition of the aircraft’s surface. The exterior cleaning can be carried out by using water or simply wiping the surface with spray cleaner and cloth. The purpose of exterior cleaning is to remove dirt, bugs, exhaust streaks, oil stains and spots from the outer surface of the aircraft body, which helps to enhance the physical appearance as well as improves the lifespan of the aircraft’s exterior body, paintwork, and associated components. The exterior also helps to paint a good impression on the passengers, thus contributing to the airline’s branding efforts. Here are the cleaning products to help you maintain the brand-new-look of your aeroplane:

AVIOSHINE is a unique one-step cleaner and polish specially formulated to produce a clean, smooth and lustrous exterior surface. AVIOSHINE leaves a high gloss shine on unpainted aluminium surfaces and restores painted surfaces to their original lustre.

AVIOKLEEN I is a general purpose, high quality water based detergent formulated for the removal of soils from exterior surfaces of aircrafts. It is more economical than it’s counterpart. AVIOKLEEN I removes greases, oils, stains and marks from surfaces leaving a streak free finish.

AVIOKLEEN II is heavy-duty, high quality viscous water based detergent formulated for the removal of soils from exterior surfaces of aircrafts. AVIOKLEEN II liquefies and removes tough greases, oils, stains and marks from surfaces leaving a residue free finish.

AVIOKLEEN HD is a thixotropic heavy-duty water based cleaner formulated for the removal of oily soils, greases and carbons from painted and unpainted exterior metal surfaces of aircrafts. AVIOKLEEN HD effectively removes jet soils, such as synthetic oil films, heavy greases, carbons and exhaust residues from metal surface, underbelly, landing gear, wheel well, flap, etc.


Maintaining inhibitor compounds of the aircraft is of great importance to ensure the safety of the people on board. A common threat to its maintenance is corrosion. Excessive corrosion can ruin your plane, damaging its structural integrity and making it highly unsafe for flight. On top of that, it can also decrease the value of your aircraft. Therefore, planes stored both inside and outside should be regularly examined for corrosion and maintained to prevent it from happening in the first place. In addition, regular cleaning and protection will help avoid adhesives, silicones and other mastics from getting in direct contact with the aircraft surfaces. Here are the core products you will need to maintain the inhibitor compound of the aircraft:

ULTRATAK XL HEAVY YELLOW is a resin impregnated textile cleaning wipe specifically designed to remove & collect dust, dirt, fibres, hair etc from prepared surfaces prior to finishing, painting or enhancement. The product is particularly suitable for use where water borne paint systems are employed. ULTRATAK XL HEAVY YELLOW is based on a specially selected, strong, tear resistant, yellow “lint free” non woven polyester substrate impregnated with a unique resin system designed to provide optimum absorbency and contaminant retention which provides an ultra clean surface for subsequent finishing and painting operations.

CITRIKLEEN X520 quickly removes mineral oils, greases, tar, asphalt, carbon and bitumen from aircraft components, mechanical parts, engines, electric motors etc. CITRIKLEEN X520 is particularly recommended for cleaning Corrosion Inhibitor Compounds, contact adhesives, silicones and other mastics from aircraft surfaces. Can be used as a wipe on/wipe off cleaner or by tank immersion.


The term “engine overhaul” means the process of maintaining and restoring equipment, machines or systems to serviceable conditions.  This involves the disassembly, inspection to detect damaged, defective or worn parts, the repair or replacement of these parts and the reassembly, testing and trial-run before the return to its full operating level.  There are two types of overhaul: major or top overhaul. If they are used less frequently than this suggested interval, they will become prone to moisture build-up and corrosives in the oil, shortening the service life of the motor when not brought to operating temperature regularly.  Also, some engines will be exposed to extreme conditions that should be taken into account.  Life for an engine operating primarily in dry, dusty conditions, near saltwater, in varied climates or any combination of these is subject to extra wear.  Here are the essential engine overhaul products you need to maintain your engine:

ENGIKLEEN is designed for the removal of rust, heavy carbon deposits, a host of organic coating and heat modified metallic oxides from ferrous metals.

IMMERKLEEN is a concentrated acidic cleaner designed for effective removal of rust from iron and steel and conditioning scale for subsequent removal treatment.

SCALITE is designed to be used as part of a multi-stage process for the removal of complex metallic scales from jet engine components.

SCALEX is designed to be used as part of a multi-stage process for the removal of complex metallic scales from jet engine components.

METSOAK AK3922 is a powdered heavy duty immersion cleaner containing alkalis, sequestering agent and emulsifying detergent designed for the removal of rust, paint, combustion engine deposits and oxidised grease and oil.

METSOLV 4019 is a fast drying, high purity solvent blend designed for use as an air drying solvent cleaner and degreaser. METSOLV 4019 is designed to be used for applications requiring a faster evaporating solvent. The product has been designed to remove a wide range of oils, greases, resins, waxes and general dirt from most commonly encountered metals and solvent resistant plastic and composites.

PENETONE 19 is an aqueous solution blend of high purity organic solvents and biodegradable surfactants designed for on and off line cleaning of gas turbine compressors. PENETONE 19 will remove oils, greases, soot, salts, atmospheric contaminants and other contaminants found on gas turbine compressors.


Component overhaul is process that involves the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of an aircraft’s various systems. From hydraulics to pneumatics, experienced systems. Understanding the intricacies of the many units that keep an aircraft operating safely and efficiently. However, you don’t need to be an expert, we got you cover on that. Here are list of product you need to get your compound overhaul covered:

WHEELIE is a concentrated liquid degreaser formulated for the removal oil and grease on aircraft metal components. WHEELIE is designed for use in spray washers, immersion and agitated tanks or manual cleaning.

AVIOSOLV I is an odourless, colourless solvent blend formulated for effective removal of light and heavy soils from aircraft metal components. AVIOSOLV I is non-flammable and offers the perfect solution for a safe working environment.

AVIOSOLV II is sophisticated blend of hydrocarbon solvents and cleaning agents formulated for effective cleaning and
degreasing of aircraft metal components. AVIOSOLV II is a fast drying product that does not leave a residue after application.

SILICON-OFF is a sophisticated blend of hydrocarbon solvents and surfactants formulated for the removal of adhesives on aircraft
components in cold tank applications.

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