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A Chemical Cleaning Introduction – Choosing The Right Cleaner

Cleaning chemicals have always been our forte, however not all cleaning chemicals are created the same. Though some needed more than just cleaning chemicals, that’s where ‘chemicals cleaning’ comes in. This is an introduction to the ‘chemical cleaning’, be sure to read our other articles as well.

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Introduction of Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a process of using pigs in conjunction with environmentally friendly detergent-based cleaning fluids method to derive surfaces and walls of equipment, pipelines, vessels, kettles and heat exchangers of unwanted contaminants. Chemical cleaning also means the purification, conditioning, treatment or disinfection of water. Some of these treatments include:

  • Descaler
  • Surface disinfection
  • Ozone disinfection/ oxidation
  • Paint removal
  • Deodorizer
  • Degreaser
  • Polish
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Destrainer
  • Tarnish remover

In Orapi Asia, on top of providing mentioned treatment chemicals, we have advisors to help the customer make the right buying decision by proposing effective and cost-saving cleaning solutions for the customer or cleaner’s needs, a more in-depth cleaning solution will be made customized according to different occasions and cleaning needs.

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To understand the customer’s cleaning needs and the customers need to understand the type of surface that they are treating and what kind of excess or unwanted material they want to get rid of. We always recommend customers evaluate their situation, and the objective that they want to achieve so we can able conclude the right solution for them. Especially in Singapore, the most commonly excesses that they usually want to get rid of are grease, rust and stain. By examining the cause, surfaces and objective, the proposed solution would be more effective at getting rid of those excesses and it’s more cost-effective in the long term.

Another cleaning process that is usually neglected by customers and cleaners is protection. Most solution ends with the surface cleaned however, we have to look past the ‘clean’ as an endpoint, make ‘protection’ as the endpoint of the cleaning process, especially in today’s situation where viricidal spreading occurred at such intensity. Protection in cleaning treatment include:

  • Disinfection protection (Bactericidal, Yeasticidal and Viricidal)
  • Corrosion protection
  • Deodorizer
  • Bitumen protection
  • Peelable protection
  • Protective varnish
  • Cooling system protection
  • Grease protection
  • Waterproof protection
  • Softener and Conditioner

Chemical Cleaning Products

The development of these protective solutions is very expansive in our R&D in Singapore and some of our cleaning chemical products are meld with these protective properties. Some of our notable amalgam cleaning products are:

Noviruclean - Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorant

NOVIRUCLEAN RTU1/30 is a broad-spectrum, bactericidal, yeasticidal and viricidal disinfectant cleaner, designed to control the hazardous cross-contamination on all internal surfaces of aircraft, trains, metros, buses etc. Cleans, deodorizes and disinfects all inanimate hard and non-porous surfaces such as holding bars, seats, armrests, tray tables, seatback pockets, overhead compartments, crew rest area, galleys, lavatory, walls, doors panels etc.

KLEENZYME (f.k.a. BIOCLEAN 2000) is a technically advanced combination of micro-organisms and soil destroying enzymes with penetrants and surfactants that produce the ultimate safe cleaner and deodorizer for all surfaces. KLEENZYME breaks down odour causing organic matter instead of just masking it like what many air fresheners are designed for.

A 3086j1 Sanicide 5l

SANICIDE is an ultra broad-spectrum germicidal, virucidal detergent and deodorant concentrate that is effective against most common disease-causing organisms including HIV-1 and Legionella. SANICIDE cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes in one easy step.

As the leading formulator & manufacturer of cleaning solutions in Singapore, we also always continue to improve and develop our chemical formulas to better serve the customer and the environment. Orapi is a keen supporter of environmental sustainability and we take environment-saving seriously. To find out more on how we intend to support the environmental sustainability effort, click here.