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5 Detailed Steps to Clean Your Carpet the Right Way – Do You Need A Carpet Cleaner?

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The carpet takes the brunt of the blame when it comes to judging the cleanliness of a room. After all, it takes abuse from almost everything: from shoes and spills to bugs and dirt. Frequent carpet vacuuming and periodic deep carpet cleaning can extend the life of any carpet, but there’s more to it than that. Here we have listed the 10 essential steps (and some tips and tricks) you can follow to keep your carpets for longer and use less carpet cleaner. 

Step 1: Get Rid of Dust and Dirt from Carpet

Vacuum carpet cleaning hotel room

Allowing dust and loose soil particles to remain on carpet fibres causes them to look dull and retain odours, eventually weakening the carpet backing and fibres. Using a carpet vacuum with strong suction—and using it often—is the best way to clean the carpet. However, an old-fashioned broom or carpet cleaner or sweeper can work just as well for hard-to-reach corners. 

For the most thorough vacuum job, take the time to move furniture and other items from the carpet. Set the vacuum to the proper height for your type of carpet to get the strongest suction. After carpet vacuuming, use a lint roller for a quick clean-up of crumbs. 


A Pile Lifter is a commercial-grade vacuum with a turbo, which can remove up to 70% of soil. In addition to cleaning your carpets twice daily, pile lift your carpets 3-12 times a year (depending on the traffic level) to make your carpets last longer.   

carpet cleaner CARPETKLEEN

Do You Need a Carpet Cleaner?


Carpet Cleaner

CARPETKLEEN is a concentrated liquid carpet cleaner detergent formulated for carpet and colourfast upholstery cleaning. It emulsifies and dissolves even the most stubborn stains, reaching deep into the fibres to loosen and foam away inert particles.

Step 2: Spot the Stains and Get A Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover

The best time to treat a carpet stain is as quickly as possible. For liquid spills, first and foremost, immediately blot away the moisture with paper towels or a cloth. But simply, removing the liquid does not mean the carpet is free of the matter, much less the stain. Plus, rubbing the stain with solids will make it even harder to remove because rubbing will only push it deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Getting a carpet stain remover is something you need before it’s too late. Below are some stain removers to dissolve those stains in no time. Make sure get the appropriate stain remover as it only effective on certain minerals. 

Stain Remover Water SPOTKLEEN 1


Carpet Stain Remover — Water Stains

SPOTKLEEN 1 is a carpet stain remover that removes mud, alcoholic beverages, coffee stains, soft drinks, washable ink and other water-based spills without requiring rigorous rubbing action.

Stain Remover Oil SPOTKLEEN 2


Carpet Stain Remover — Oil Stains

SPOTKLEEN 2 effectively removes stains from oil-based products such as gum, cooking oils, crayons, fresh paint, grease, grime, makeup, oil, etc. It is suitable for use on natural as well as synthetic fibres and is compatible with anti-static treatments that will not harm and discolour carpets and rugs.

Step 3: Allow the Carpet to Air-Dry

As we mentioned in our previous article —“5 Common Places to Check for Mould in Your Room and How to Prevent it From Growing”,—mould and mildew usually grow in damp and dark conditions, and since moisture from sweats, spills, condensation, and washes often get trapped in the fabric of carpets, mould and mildew is likely to grow on the underside of carpets. 

Always remember to allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before replacing furniture. In addition, ensure adequate ventilation in the room your carpets are kept in. Ventilation is vital to control impurities, regulate the air, and stop condensation. 

Step 4: Stop the Stench With Deodoriser

Carpet cleaning odour smell removal

A carpet cleaner is just not enough as musty-smelling carpets are both unpleasant and dangerous. Not only do they make the room smell unpleasant, but they may also pollute the indoor air with mould spores. The good news is that, unless your home has been flooded, getting rid of musty smells from carpets is relatively simple. To neutralise odours from your carpet, simply use the KLEENZYME multi-surface cleaner and deodoriser. 


Biological Multi-Surface Cleaner and Deodoriser

KLEENZYME is a technically advanced combination of microorganisms and soil destroying enzymes with penetrants and surfactants that produce the ultimate safe cleaner and deodoriser for all surfaces. It breaks down odour-causing organic matter instead of just masking it like many air fresheners are designed for.

KLEENZYME — 7883 — Biological Multi-Surface Cleaner & Deodoriser

Step 5: Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning and maintenance must be established as a scheduled program, not as a random series of reactions to soiling conditions and infrequent cleanings. You must tailor the design of the program to the amount of traffic and type of soiling, which may vary by area. Due to the higher traffic levels, entrance lobbies, elevators, and hallways will need more care than office areas. Food areas and entrances will require more effort due to the difficult soiling conditions. Consult the chart below for suggested maintenance by traffic levels.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Program Chart


If you want to impress your customers, you have to ensure they feel the freshness of the very first thing they set foot on—carpets. There are a couple of types of carpets and first impressions can make a big difference in how your customers perceive you and your business and using a carpet cleaner lets you do that. Don’t let a dirty carpet or floor make that impression for you. 

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